Prof. Anthony Kwame Danso

Associate Professor

Dept: Construction Technology and Management
Room 05
Third Floor, Postgraduate Block
Faculty of Built Environment

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Research Areas/Interests

Building Services Accessibility of the Built Environment Contract Administration Construction and Project Management Construction Materials...~more

Research Projects (Current and Past)

  • Provision of Accessibility for People with Disabilities into Buildings and Other Built Environment Facilities (2006 - Present).

The Disability Act was passed by Parliament some few years ago but many buildings in Ghana are still not accessible to the physically challenged people. This research sought to compare facilities for the disabled in buildings to existing Standards and Building Codes to determine their adequacy. Recommendations were then made as to how these anomalies could be corrected.


  • The State of Fire Safety in Buildings in Ghana (2006 – Present)

The state of fire safety in buildings and other facilities in Ghana have been called into question. Investigations were carried out to find the fire readiness of various facilities such as schools, fuel stations, shopping malls, high rise buildings, industrial buildings, slums etc in Ghana. The results have been forwarded to a peer-reviewed journal for publication.


  • The State of Fire Safety in Selected Markets in Ghana (2006 – Present)

In recent times, the issue of fire outbreaks in markets across the nation has been recorded. This study which is ongoing seeks to investigate the causes of the market fires. Issues such as the design and construction of the existing markets, constructional materials used and the provision of firefighting equipment are being studied.


  • Engineering Properties of Ghanaian Sandcrete Blocks (2000 - Present).

This research into local building materials has been ongoing for almost a decade. In the study, ways to improve the strength and permeation properties of sandcrete blocks in Ghana have been examined. The durability of the material was also studied. This will enable the construction industry to put the material to uses that had hitherto been unknown. Three papers have been prepared from this work; one has been accepted for publication and two are in the draft stages.


  • The Effect of Increasing Student Population on Sanitary Facilities in the Halls of Residence and Private Hostels at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi (1998 - 2008).

This research in Building Services touched on the problems brought about by the explosion of student population on KNUST campus in recent years. The aim was to determine whether students have adequate sanitary facilities in their halls of residence. The results were published in the Ghana Surveyor. Recommendations were made to the University Authorities at the end of the research. These recommendations when implemented will go a long way to ameliorate the situation.


  • District Assemblies Common Fund: The Concept, Problems and Procedures for Effective Administration of Contracts (1997 - 2009).

This study examines the concept of the District Assemblies’ Common Fund (DACF), the current problems associated with the use of the DACF, and suggests approaches for effective administration of contracts by District Assemblies. The idea of the study occurred after the author had interacted with stakeholders of the District Assemblies in the Volta Region in 1998 during which the various problems plaguing the Common Fund were discussed.  The results and recommendations of this research were published in the Ghana Surveyor

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