Prof. Prince Yaw Andoh


Dept: Mechanical Engineering
Room 333 Petroleum Block, College of Engineering

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Research Areas/Interests

My primary research interests include modeling, identification and control of mechanical and manufacturing systems, tribology of manufactured surfaces...~more

My full CV

Positions Held & Hold

  1. Head, Science Department, Juabeso Senior Secondary School, Juabeso, April, 1993 to December, 1996
  2. Senior House Master, Kaneshi Secondary Technical School, Kaneshi, August, 1998 to June, 1999
  3. Vacation Training Officer: August, 2008 to July, 2014
  4. Transport Engineer: March, 2008 to October, 2010
  5. Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical and Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi, August, 2017 to July, 2018
  6. Sectional Head, Applied Mechanics and Automobile, August, 2012 to date
  7. College Internship Coordinator: August, 2015 to date
  8. Departmental Postgraduate Coordinator August, 2015 to date.
  9. Member, Central Undergraduate Admissions Committee, September, 2015 to Date.
  10. Chairman, College Construction Project Committee, 2020 to date




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