Prof. Aboagye Menyeh

Part Time Professor

Dept: Physics
Room TF4 Aboagye Menyeh Complex, College of Science

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Research Areas/Interests

1          Rock and Mineral Magnetism: magnetic properties of rocks and minerals Experimental study of th...~more

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Grants/Funds Awarded

1984 – 1986:    Awarded Commonwealth Scholarship by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission in the UK to pursue M.Sc (Geophysics) Programme in England.


1991 - 1994: Awarded Commonwealth Scholarship by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission in the UK to pursue a Ph.D. Programme in Geophysics in England.


1997: Awarded Third World Academy of Sciences, Research Grant of five thousand dollars ($5,000) for equipment to undertake a research project on “The use of magnetic, thermomagnetic and X-ray measurements in identifying magnetic minerals in rock samples and mine tailings from diamond and gold mines in Ghana”.


2004-2006: Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund (TALIF), awarded US$20,000.00 for the computerization of staff and students records for the College of Science, KNUST

Donation of a grant of $10,000 by the Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG,U.S.A)

Through my initiative, the SEG, granted $10,000 which was channeled through Prof. Fred Boadu of Duke University, U.S.A., to the Geophysics Section of the Physics Department, to provide geophysics journals and other educational materials to enhance  teaching and learning of Geophysics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, educate the younger generation (SSS students) on the benefits of exploration geophysics to society,  provide sponsorship to a geophysics lecturer in the Physics Department to participate and present a scientific paper at one AGM of the SEG in the U.S.A, and lastly to organize the formation of a Ghana Branch of SEG in June 2006.


Award of Grants from Teaching and Learning Innovative Fund (TALIF) for the improvement of teaching, learning and research

  Under my leadership as the Dean/Provost, the College of Science did tremendously well to win TALIF grants totaling approximately eight hundred thousand dollars ($800,000) between 2004 and 2006. These included grants for the:

  • Creation of a Centralized Laboratory to improve the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research. The College was awarded a TALIF grant of $200,000.00 to set up the laboratory (2004)
  • Design and manufacture of Solar and Oven Driers was awarded ¢95,000,000.00 (2005)
  • Renovation and establishment of fully operational glass blowing and smelting unit at the Department of Chemistry was awarded $155,000.00 (2005)
  • Establishment of a Cold Room Facility for Biotechnology Research laboratory was awarded $19,868.00 (¢ 180,798,800.00) (2006)
  • Capacity Enhancement of Faculty of Distance Learning was awarded  $200,000.00 (2006)
  • Establishing Molecular and Information facility (MMIF) to train graduate students at KNUST was awarded ($184,800.00) (2006)

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