Prof. De-Graft Owusu-Manu


Dept: Construction Technology and Management
Faculty of Built Environment, New Block, Room 320

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Research Areas/Interests

Innovations, Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, and Technology Transfer, Construction Financing, Industrial Financing, Innovative Financing, Inv...~more

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(A)  Academic Programmes (Curriculum) Developed
1. Team Leader/Member:

Consultants/Committee to develop various Professional Doctorate and Doctor of Philosophy (PDr/PhD) programmes for KNUST and in particular the Institute of Distance Learning. Key programmes include: 

  • PhD/PDr in Business and Professional Practice
  • PhD/PDr in Diplomacy and Bilateral Transactions
  • PhD/PDr in Educational Innovations and Leadership Science
  • PhD/PDr in Entrepreneurship and Innovations
  • PhD/PDr in Finance and Accounting Studies
  • PhD/PDr in   Management Consulting and Strategy; and
  • PhD/PDr in Social Work, Psychology and Counselling.

2. Team Leader/Member:

Consultants/Committee to develop various Mphil/MSc/BSc programmes for KNUST and in particular the Institute of Distance Learning. Key programmes include:

 Currently Running (Running at the IDL since 2012)

  • MPhil/MSc in Business Consulting & Enterprise Risk Management;
  • MPhil/MSc Industrial Finance and Investment;
  • MPhil/MSc Educational Innovations and Leadership Science;
  • MPhil/MSc Procurement Management; and
  • MSc Project Management
  • MPhil/MSc in Insurance and Business Continuity;
  • MPhil/MSc in Energy and Sustainable Management;
  • MPhil/MSc in Funds and Portfolio Management;
  • MPhil/MSc in Security and Justice Administration;
  • MPhil/MSc in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

3. Training Manuals Development

Actively involved in the development of various course materials. Key courses are:

  • BCERM 551: Principles of Management Consulting Practice         
  • BCERM 555: Entrepreneurship and Innovations Management     
  • BCERM 565: Research Methods   
  • MBC 661: Consulting Process and Workshop Facilitation 
  • MELS 562: Economics of Education                                          
  • MELS 553: Theory of Innovation in Education                          
  • MIFI 609: Real Estate Finance and Investments                        
  • MIFI 611: Construction and Infrastructure Finance                              
  • MIFI 559: Introduction to Industrial Finance                                        
  • MBC 551: Consulting Theory and Practice

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