Prof. Joshua Ayarkwa


Dept: Construction Technology and Management
Room 308
2nd Floor, Architecture Block
Faculty of Built Environment

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Research Areas/Interests

Sustainable Construction; Lean Construction; Construction Education; Building Materials and Properties; Timber Utilization in Construction; Timber Joi...~more

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Research Projects (Current and Past)

A Framework for Capacity Building of Small and Medium Building Contractors for Lean Construction Adoption. 2016 – To date (On-going)

Sustainability in The Construction Industry: A Ghanaian Case Study. 2019 – To date (Ongoing)

Adopting Environmental Sustainability at the Design Stage of Projects: Barriers, Drivers and Benefits. 2019 - To date (On-going)

Towards Sustainable Building Design in Ghana: Challenges, Drivers and Opportunities. 2019 – date (On-going)

Sustainable Building Strategies in Ghana; Stakeholders Perspective. 2019 – To date (Ongoing)

Sustainable Building Design Practices for Recreational Buildings. 2019 – To date (On-going)

Exploring Green Building Practices in the Ghanaian Construction Industry. 2019 – To date (On-going)

The nature of adversarial relationships in design service delivery in Ghana: Effects on supply chain information flow and a business relationship management proposal for improvement. 2010 – 2015 (Completed)

Structural Properties of Lightweight Reinforced Concrete using Palm Kernel Shell Aggregates. 2011-2015 (Completed)

Minimizing materials wastage at the construction stage of a project through the implementation of Lean Construction. 2012-2015 (Completed)

Simulation-based Exploration of the Thermal Performance of some Multi-Storey Office Buildings in Accra, Ghana. 2012-2015 (Completed)

Characterization of Axial Creep and Drying Shrinkage Strains in Concrete Elements in Ghana. 2010 (Completed)

A tool for predicting the energy efficiency of buildings at the Design Stage. 2012 (Completed)

Construction organizations' adaptation to environmentally sustainable construction in developing countries. 2015 (Completed)

Application of a multi-criteria decision system to enhance user-involvement in design process: Towards lean design. 2015 (Completed)

Guidelines for Building Capacity of Built Environment Consultants to Practice Environmental Sustainability at the Design Stage of Projects. 2017 (Completed)

Integrating Environmentally Sustainable Procurement in Public Universities: A case of KNUST. 2017 (Completed)

Benefits and Challenges of the Usage of Labour – Based Road Technology in Road Construction. 2017 (Completed)

Procurement Practices of Intercity State Transport Corporation (ISTC) in Ghana. 2017 (Completed)

Exploring the Readiness of Project Management Team in Sustainable Building Process in Ghana. 2017 (Completed)

A Study of Overland Conveyors as an Alternative to Haulage Trucking in Ghana’s Mining Industry. 2017 (Completed)

Managing Risk to Improve Customer Satisfaction in First Allied Savings and Loans Company Limited. 2017 (Completed)

Challenges Facing Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the Effective Implementation of Strategic Plans in the Kumasi Metropolis. 2017 (Completed)

Exploring ways of applying project management principles to construction contracts in the Dormaa West District Assembly. 2017 (Completed)

Examining the Implementation of Sustainable Procurement in Public Institutions in Ghana. 2018 (Completed)

Addressing Environmental Sustainability in Ghana through Public Procurement. 2018 (Completed)

Assessing the Benefits and Challenges of Community Participation in Non-Governmental Organizations’ Projects Delivery in Ghana. 2018 (Completed)

The Impact of Total Quality Management (TQM) on completed Small Towns Water Supply Systems in the Volta Region. 2018 (Completed)

Quality Control Standards in Television Broadcasting: A Case Study of Kwese Free Tv – Ghana. 2018 (Completed)

Post Occupancy Evaluation of Contemporary Educational Buildings in Ghana. A Case Study of the KNUST/IDL Building at Kwabenya. 2018 (Completed)

An Investigation into Roof Failures: Causes, Effects and Remedy. 2018 (Completed)

Assessing Public Sector’s Implementation of Sustainable Procurement in Ghana. 2018 (Completed)

The Impact of Project Management on Sustainable Construction in Ghana. 2018 (Completed)

Assessing the Impact of Work Environment on Employees’ Productivity in Electricity Company of Ghana. 2018 (Completed)

Assessing Sustainable Design Practices in Selected Municipal Assemblies in Ghana. 2018 (Completed)

Assessing the effect of Procurement Planning on Service Delivery in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA). 2018 (Completed)

Waste Management Practices on Construction Sites: A Case of Firms in Takoradi and Kumasi Metropolis. 2018 (Completed)

Investigations into Modern Strategies for Housing Delivery in Ghana. 2018 (Completed)

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