Prof. Sylvester Kojo Danuor


Dept: Physics
Department of Physics, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

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Research Areas/Interests

1. Subsurface geophysical investigations for minerals and grounwater resources and environmental/geotechnical studies 2. Geophysical techniques involv...~more

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Research Projects (Current and Past)

v. The Ghanaian - German Research Collaboration on Geophysical and Remote Sensing Investigations of the Lake Bosumtwi Impact Crater in Ghana

vi. The International Continental Scientific Deep Drilling Programme of the Bosumtwi Crater

vii. The Department of Physics and the University of Paderborn Collaboration Project on Start-Up projects in Solar and Renewable Energy

viii. The Lake Bosumtwi Meteorite Crater Museum Project

ix. Assessment of the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Western Basin (Tano Basin) Offshore Ghana

x. Geotechnical/Foundation Studies of a section of the Campus of the University of Ghana using 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment

i. The use of Geophysical Methods in Groundwater Exploration for the purpose of Siting Boreholes in some Communities of the Frafraha Area of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

ii. Groundwater Inversigations jointly with World Vision Internation in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regiona of Ghana between the periods of 1998 to 2006.

iii. Probablistic Seismic Hazard Assessment of Southern Ghana.

iv. AMMA Project on Malaria Incidence and Prevalence in the Forest and Peri-urban Areas of Ghana

xi. The QWeCI Project on Malaria and Health in Ghana; 2009 - 2012

xii. The DACCIWA Project; 2014 - 2018

xiii. The UKRI GCRF African SWIFT Projecy; 2018 - 2022

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