Prof. Sylvester Kojo Danuor


Dept: Physics
Department of Physics, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

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Research Areas/Interests

1. Subsurface geophysical investigations for minerals and grounwater resources and environmental/geotechnical studies 2. Geophysical techniques involv...~more

My full CV

Positions Held & Hold

1998 – 2003    Coordinator, Ghanaian-German Research Cooperation Project on the  

Lake Bosumtwi Crater, Ghana   

2004 – 2005    Coordinator, International Scientific Continental Deep Drilling Project   of the Lake Bosumtwi Crater, Ghana                

2001 – 2005    Senior Tutor, University Hall, KNUST

2005 – 2007    Head, Department of Physics, KNUST

2006 – 2009    Local Coordinator, EU-funded project on African Monsoon

                        Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) Project at KNUST

2007 – 2009    Coordinator, Meteorology and Climate Science Programme, KNUST

2009 – 2010    Vice-Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences, KNUST

2009 – 2011    National President, Ghana Science Association

2010 - 2013     Local Coordinator, EU-funded project on Quantifying Weather and

                       Climate Impacts (QWeCI) on Health in Developing Countries

2009 to 2017   Head, Department of Physics, KNUST

2015 to 2017   Vice-Dean, Faculty of Physical and Computational Sciences, KNUST

2015 to date    Local Coordinator, EU-funded project on Dynamics-Aerosol-

                        Chemistry-Cloud Interactions in West Africa (DACCIWA)

2017 to 2020  Chairman, College of Science Quality Assurance Sub-Committee,


2017 to date    Local Coordinator, UK Global Challenges Research Fund for African

                        Science for Weather Information and Forecasting Techniques (GCRF-

                        African SWIFT)


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