Prof. David Dotse Wemegah

Associate Professor

Dept: Physics
Department of Physics, KNUST, PMB, UPO, Kumasi Ghana

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Research Areas/Interests

Mineral Exploration Environmental monitoring Geotechnical investigation...~more

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    Osei, M.A., Amekudzi, L.K., Wemegah, D.D., Preko, K., Gyawu, E.S., Obiri-Danso, K. 2019. The impact of climate and land-use changes on the hydrological processes of Owabi catchment from SWAT analysis. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 25, 100620.

    Forson E.D., Menyeh A., Wemegah D.D., Danuor S.K., Adjovu, I., Appiah I., 2020. Mesothermal gold prospectivity mapping of the southern Kibi-Winneba belt of Ghana based on Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process, concentration-area (C-A) fractal model and prediction-area (P-A) plot. Journal of Applied Geophysics 174, 103971.

    Takyi-Kyeremeh, K., Wemegah, D.D., Preko, K. and Menyeh, A., 2019.Integrated Geophysical Study of the Subika Gold Deposit in the Sefwi Belt, Ghana. Cogent Geoscience,

    Brempong, F., Wemegah, D.D., Preko, K., Armah, T., Boadi, B., Menyeh, A., Oppong, I.A., Quarshie, M.M., Aning, A.A., Asare, V.S. and Noye, R.M., 2019. Interpretation of Geological Structures Hosting Potential Gold Deposits in the Konongo Gold Mine Using Airborne Magnetic, Electromagnetic and Radiometric Datasets. Journal of Geoscience and Environment. Protection, 7(6):203-225.

    Wemegah, D.D., Fiandaca, G., Auken, E., Menyeh, A. and Danuor, S.K., 2017. Spectral time-domain induced polarisation and magnetic surveying − an efficient tool for characterisation of solid waste deposits in developing countries. EAGE, Near Surface Geophysics, 15(1):75-84. https://doi: 10.3997/1873-0604.2016048.

    Appiah, I., Wemegah, D.D., Asare, V.S., Danuor, S.K. and Forson, E.D., 2018. Integrated geophysical characterisation of Sunyani municipal solid waste disposal site using magnetic gradiometry, magnetic susceptibility survey and electrical resistivity tomography. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 153:143-153.

    Darko, G., Dodd, M., Nkansah, M.A., Aduse-Poku, Y., Ansah, E., Wemegah, D.D. and Borquaye, L.S., 2017. Distribution and ecological risks of toxic metals in the topsoils in the Kumasi metropolis, Ghana. Cogent Environmental Science, 3(1), p.1354965.

    Aning, A.A., Asare V.S., Wemegah, D.D., Noye R.M., Preko, K. and Danuor S.K., 2019. Integrated geophysical and geological mapping of the lithological and geological structures in a proposed generator site. Journal of Geoscience and Environment. Protection 7(12), 73.

    Bienibuor, A.K., Preko, K., Wemegah, D.D. and Manu, Evans, E., 2016. The use of electromagnetic and electrical resistivity methods in assessing groundwater resources potential in Adoe, Sunyani, Ghana. International Journal of Science and Research, 5(9), 166-170.

    Asare-Donkor, N.K., Poku, P.A., Addison, E.C.D.K., Wemegah, D.D., Adimado A. A., 2018. Measurement of radon concentration in groundwater in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Journal Radioanalytical Nuclear Chemistry (2018) 317: 675.

    Boadi, N.O., Borquaye, L.S., Darko, G., Wemegah, D.D, Agorsor, D. and Akrofi, R., 2018. Assessment of the quality of the Owabi reservoir and its tributaries. Cogent Food and Agriculture 4 (1), 1492360.

    Nkansah, M.A., Opoku, F, Ephraim, J.H., Wemegah, D.D. and Tetteh, P.M.L., Characterization of Beauty Salon Wastewater from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, and its Surrounding Communities. Environmental Health Insights 2016:10 147–154. doi: 10.4137/EHI.S40360.

    Mensah, M.B., Boadi, N.O., Baa-Poku, F., Wemegah, D.D., Badu, M., Saah, S.A., and Osei-Dei, B., 2016. Physicochemical Properties and Levels of Heavy Metals in Selected Rivers within the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana. International Journal of Science and Technology, 5(12):616-623.

    Wemegah, D.D., Preko, K., Noye, R.M., Boadi, B., Menyeh, A., Danuor, S.K. and Amenyoh, T., 2015. Geophysical Interpretation of Possible Gold Mineralization Zones in Kyerano, South-Western Ghana Using Aeromagnetic and Radiometric Datasets. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection 2015(3), 67-82.

    Hinson, G., Menyeh, A. and Wemegah, D.D., Qualitative Interpretation of Aerogravity and Aeromagnetic Survey Data over the South Western Part of the Volta River Basin of Ghana. International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research 4(4), 23-30, ISSN 2277-8616.

    Abudu, A., Gbedemah, S., Wemegah, D.D., and Sammy C.K., 2015. Wuchereria Bancrofti Antigenaemia among school children: A case study of four communities in the Kassena-Nankana East District of the Upper Rast Region of Ghana. International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, 7(3): 67-74.

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    Manu E., Preko K. and Wemegah, D.D., Application of Ground penetrating radar in delineating zones of gold mineralization at the Subenso-north Concession of Newmont Ghana Gold Limited. International Journal of Scientific and Research. Publications 3(5), 1-11, ISSN 2250-3153.

    Kwakye-Awuah, B., Wemegah, D.D., Nkrumah, I., Williams, C. and Radecka, I., 2013. Antimicrobial Activity of Silver-Zeolite LTA on Heavily-Contaminated Underground Ghanaian Waters. International Journal of Science and Research 2(11), 26-31, ISSN (Online): 2319-7064.

    Asare-Donkor, N.K., Wemegah, D.D. and Adimado, A.A., 2013. Chemical Analysis of Freshwater Bodies in the Kumasi Metropolis and its Environs, Ghana.Journal of Environment and Earth Science 3(9), 37-45.

    Badu, M., Wemegah, D.D., Boadi, N.O. and Brown F.A., 2013. Assessment of the Nutrient Load and Selected Heavy Metals in the Owabi Reservoir and its Feeder Waters. American Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 4(4), 333-343, ISSN: 2153-649X. Doi:10.5251/ajsir.2013.4.4.337.343.

    Apau, J., Agbovi, H.K. and Wemegah, D.D., Assessment of the water quality of boreholes in the Aburi Municipality of Eastern Region of Ghana. Journal of Science and Technology, 33(3), 89-99.

    Forson, E.D., Menyeh, A. and Wemegah, D.D., 2021. Mapping lithological units, structural lineaments and alteration zones in the Southern Kibi-Winneba belt of Ghana using integrated geophysical and remote sensing datasets. Ore Geology Reviews137, p.104271.

    Addison E. C. D. K, Kukubor, S. Wemegah, D. D. and  Quaye, A. N. M., 2022. RADON-222 CONCENTRATION IN AIR: A CASE STUDY OF AYEDUASE TOWNSHIP, KUMASI, GHANA. European Journal of Technology ISSN 4520-4738 (Online). 6 (1): pp 14 - 29. 

    Forson, E.D., Wemegah, D.D., Hagan, G.B., Appiah, D., Addo-Wuver, F., Adjovu, I., Otchere, F.O., Mateso, S., Menyeh, A. and Amponsah, T., 2022. Data-driven multi-index overlay gold prospectivity mapping using geophysical and remote sensing datasets.Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 190,104504, ISSN 1464-343X,

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