Mr. James Cofie Danku

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Construction Technology and Management
Room 405
3rd Floor
New architectural block
Faculty of art and Built environment
Collage of Art and Built Environment

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Research Areas/Interests

Consstruction Project Mangement; Social Costs in Construction; Sustainability and Green Construction; Construction Management Systems; Project Risks a...~more


    (i) Refereed journal papers with exact references

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    (ii) Published conference papers with exact references

    [1]   Nani, G., Tetteh, M. O., Danku, J. C. and Twum-Ampofo, S. (2017) “Factorial Analysis of International Construction Joint Venture Performance Measures: A Case of Ghana”. DII – 2017, 4th International Conference on Development and Investment in Infrastructure - Strategies for Africa 30 August - 1 September 2017, pp 23-31, Livingstone, Zambia.

    [2]     Adinyira, E., Ghansah, F. A. and Danku, J. C. (2019) “Assessing the Challenges with Monitoring the Safety Practices of Operatives on Construction Site in Ghana”. CRIOCM2019 24th International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate. School of Management Science and Real Estate, 24th November – 2nd December 2019. Chongquing University, China.


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