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His main research interests are in renewable energy systems focusing on solar PV module reliability and degradation analysis and electronics manufactu...~more

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    (1) F. K. A Nyarko, G. Takyi, F. B Effah, (2021), ‘Study on Creep Damage in Sn60Pb40 and Sn3.8Ag0.7Cu (Lead-Free) Solders in c-Si Solar PV Cell Interconnections under In-Situ Thermal Cycling in Ghana, MDPI, Crystals 2021, 11, 441.

     (2) A. O. Ababio, G. Takyi, E. K Anto, (2021), ‘Optimum Sizing and Siting of an Embedded Solar Photovoltaic Generation: A Case Study of 33 kv Sub-Transmission Network at Tarkwa, Ghana’, Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 2021, 9, 1-24,

     (3) G. Takyi, (2021), ‘Performance Characterization of Polycrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic (PV) Modules Installed in Kumasi, Ghana, Nigeria Journal of Technology (NIJOTEC), vo. 40, no.3, May 2021.

     (4) F. K. A. Nyarko, G. Takyi, F.B. Effah,. (2021), ‘Impact of the constitutive behaviour of the encapsulant on thermo-mechanical damage in (c-Si) solar PV Modules under thermal cycling, ELSEVIER, Scientific African 12 (2021) e00767

     (5) F. K. A Nyarko, G Takyi, A. Agyei-Agyemang, C. K. K Sekyere, (2021), ‘Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) Solar Cell Interconnect Damae Prediction Function Based on Effect of Temperature Ramps and Dwells on Creep Damage under Field Thermal Cycling’, Crystals, MDPI, 11, 633.

    (6) G. Takyi, F. K. A Nyarko, (2020), Investigation of the Effect of Temperature Coefficients on Mono-Crystalline Silicon PV Module Installed in Kumasi, Ghana, Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, vol.8, pp.20-34.

    (7) D. A Qunsah, M, S Adaramola, G. Takyi, (2020) ‘’Degradation and longevity of solar photovoltaic modules—An analysis of recent field studies in Ghana’’, Energy Science & Engineering, vol. 8, issue 6, pp. 2116-2128

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    (9) F.K.A Nyarko, G. Takyi, (2020), Generating temperature cycle profile from in-situ climatic condition for accurate prediction of thermo-mechanical degradation of c-Si photovoltaic module, Engineering Science and Technology, An international Journal, Elsevier, vol. 22, iss. 2, pp.502-514.

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     (11) F. K. A Nyarko, G. Takyi, ‘Life prediction in c-Si solar cell interconnections under in-situ thermal cycling in Kumasi in Ghana’ (2020), EMERALD, Soldering and Surface Mount Technology, DOI 10.1108/SSMT-10-2020-0045

     (12) H. Njoku, J. M Dzah, M. N, Eke, V. Ekechuku, G. Takyi, (2020), ‘Thermal Performance Evaluation of a Flat-Plate Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal Air Collector in South-East Nigeria’, eNergetics (2020), 6th Virtual International Conference on Science, Technology and Management in Energy Proceedings, Serbia, December 14-15, 2020

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    (14) G. Takyi (2017), Correlation of infra-red thermal imaging results with visual Inspection and current-voltage data of PV modules installed in Kumasi, a hot humid region of sub-Sahara Africa, Journal of Technologies-MDPI, 4(5) 67, [SD-26]

    (15) David A. Quansah, M. S. Adaramola and G.Takyi (2016). Preliminary Assessment of Degradation in Field-Aged Multi-Crystalline Silicon PV Modules Installed in Hot-Humid Climate of Mid Ghana. 32nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EUPVSEC), 20 - 24 June 2016, Munich Germany

    (16) E.H. Amalu, N.N. Ekere, R.S. Bhatti, S. Mallik, G.Takyi and A.O.A Ibhadode. (2010) “Numerical Investigation of Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Ball Grid Array At High Temperature Application”, Presented at the International Conference on Engineering Research and Development (ICERD), University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria, 7th -9th, pp.1242-1251. 

    (17)       E.H, Amalu, Y.T, Lui, N.N, Ekere, R.S, Bhatti, G, Takyi(2010). “Investigation of the Effects of Reflow Profile Parameters on Lead-free Solder Bump Volumes and Joint Integrity, Presented at AMPT Conference, Paris 24-27, Book of Abstract pp 201. 1315.

    (18)       G. Takyi, N.N Ekere. (2010), “Study of the Effects of PCB Surface Finish on Plasma Process Time for Lead-Free Wave Soldering”, Published in the Journal of Soldering & Surface Mount, issue 2, vol.22, pp 37-42.

    (19)       G.Takyi, N.N Ekere. (2010). “Investigation of the Effects of Air Atmosphere on Solder Wettability of Plasma Treated HASL Finish PCBs”, Published in the Journal of Soldering & Surface Mount, issue 3, vol.22.

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    (21)     P.K Bernasco, S.Mallik, N.N Ekere, A. Seaman, G. Takyi(2009). “Effect of Ageing Temperatures and Reflow Profiles on the Intermetallic growth between Sn-Ag-Cu solder alloy and Cu”, Published in IEEE EPTC, 11th Electronic Packaging Conference, Singapore, pp 986-990.  

    (22)     G.Takyi, C. Beesley, R. Baittig, (2007).“Characterisation of 980nm Pump Laser Solder Joint Integrity Using Heat Pump Tests”, Published in IEEE/CPMT, 32nd IEMT Conference Proceedings, San Jose, USA, 3rd-5th October 2007, pp. 234-238.

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    (32) S. Mallik, J. Njoku, G. Takyi(2015), Quantitative evaluation of voids in lead free solder joints, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 772, pp 284-289.

    (33)     P.K Bernasko, S, Mallik, N.N Ekere, G. Takyi, (2011). Evaluating the effect of pad sizes on the intermetallic layer formation and growth for Sn-Ag-Cu solders on Cu metallization, International Conference on electronics packaging, Japan.

    (34)     S. Mallik, J. Njoku, G. Takyi, (2014). Quantitative evaluation of voids in lead free solder joints, International Conference on Mechanical Properties of Materials (ICMPM), Barcelona, Spain.

    (35). J. J Owusua, Edmund Okoroigwea, O. V. Ekechukwua, G. Takyi, (2020), ‘Photovoltaic Systems and Technology Failure, in Ghana: Experience from Technical, Stakeholders, Proceedings of the 2020 Sustainable Engineering and Industrial Technology Conference, December 14-15, 2020, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsuka, 6th-10th July, 2020.

    (36) G. Takyi, O. G Laryea, (2021), ‘Comparative study of the performance of Solar Photovoltaic module technologies installed in Kumasi, Ghana, in Sub-Saharan Africa, ELSEVIER, Scientific Africa, July 2021,,

    (37) K.K, Charles Sekyere, F. Davis a, R. Opoku, E. Otoo, G. Takyi, L. Atepor, (2021), ‘Performance evaluation of a 20 MW grid-coupled solar park located in the southern oceanic environment of Ghana’, Cleaner Engineering and Technology 5 100273.

    (38) J. K Hatsu, A.K Sunnu, G. K Ayetor, G. Takyi, (2021), 'Investigation of shell mould casting technique in Ghana using indigigenous materials, Scientific Africa, e01052.


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