Dr. Denis Edem Kwame Dzebre

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Mechanical Engineering
Room 8, The Brew Hammond Energy Center Annex, College of Engineering.

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Research Areas/Interests


    Ayetor, G. K., Dzebre, D. K. E., Mensah, L. D., Boahen, S., Amoabeng, K. O., & Tay, G. F. K. (2022). Comparing the Cost per Mile of Electric Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles in Ghana. Transportation Research Record, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1177/03611981221135804

    Andoh P.Y., Dzebre D.E.K., Amoabeng K.O., Mensah L.D. (2022). Characterisation Of a Fibre Reinforced Material for Small Wind Turbine Applications. Journal of Sustainable Energy, 13(1), 40-46. http://www.energy-cie.ro/archives/2022/nr_1/v13-n1-6.pdf

    Andoh, P.Y.A.; Sekyere, C.K.K.; Mensah, L.D.; Dzebre, D.E.K., (2021), Forecasting Electricity Demand in Ghana With the SARIMA Model. Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS) 2021, 3, 1 - 9, doi:10.37385/jaets.v3i1.288.

    Dzebre DEK, Ampofo J, Adaramola MS (2021) An assessment of high-resolution wind speeds downscaled with the Weather Research and Forecasting Model for coastal areas in Ghana Heliyon 7:e07768 doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.heliyon.2021.e07768

    Dzebre, D.E.K. and M.S. Adaramola, A preliminary sensitivity study of Planetary Boundary Layer Parameterisation schemes in the weather research and forecasting model to surface winds in coastal Ghana. Renewable Energy, 2020. 146: p. 66-86.

    Dzebre, D.E.K. Acheampong A.A., Ampofo J, Adaramola M.S., A sensitivity study of Surface Wind simulations over Coastal Ghana to selected Time Control and Nudging options in the Weather Research and Forecasting Model. Heliyon, 2019. 5, e01385 DOI: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2019.e01385.

    Dzebre, D.E.K. and M.S. Adaramola, Impact of Selected Options in the Weather Research and Forecasting Model on Surface Wind Hindcasts in Coastal Ghana. Energies, 2019. 12(19): p. 3670.

    Akayeti, A., Sackey, S.M., Dzebre, D.E.K., (2015). “Development of Indigenous Automobile Design and Manufacturing in Ghana”. African Journal of Applied Research (AJAR), ISSN 2408-7920, Vol.1 No.1, pp 179-192.

    Akayeti, A., Sackey, S.M., Dzebre, D.E.K., (2014). “Status of automobile Design and Manufacturing in Ghana”. Book of Proceedings of the 3rd Applied Research Conference in Africa held in Accra, Ghana, ISBN 978-9988-1 -9911-1, pp 75-83. 

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