Prof. Christopher Antwi

Associate Professor

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Greenhouse gas mitigation and emissions from animal agriculture Animal adaptation to climate change Fodder conservation and feed improvement for enha...~more

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Professional/Teaching Experience

  • Since my last promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer, I have taught several undergraduate courses in the Department of Animal Science and I have been a service lecturer to several courses in the Departments of Crop and Soil Sciences, Agroforestry and Biochemistry. I have supervised sixteen (16) Undergraduate students, three (3) MPhil Students and two (2) PhD Students. All the students I supervised during this period have successfully graduated except one MPhil student and a PhD student whose studies are underway and are expected to graduate in November 2020/2021 academic year.  

    I am punctual at lectures and in the events of inadvertently missing lectures, which is mainly due to academic or official meetings by virtue of my position as the then Faculty Exams officer, Head of Department and Vice Dean of the Faculty, they are always rescheduled to redeem the lost contact times.  I took advantage of a common social media tool called WhatsApp and engaged students on this medium for discussions and review of lectures by the use of audios interspersed with texts, internet links to relevant educative sites and lecture slides.

    My lecture materials are reviewed constantly with my research outcomes and the current trends in the area being taught. In addition, my classes are structured in a way that would enable students to have a feel of some practical aspects in every unit taught. I sometimes resort to streaming of demonstrational videos from YouTube and other relevant sites to enhance the teaching and learning process.


    The common teaching approach by most lecturers is the summative teaching/ learning approach where student’s appreciation of the course is assessed during the middle/ end of semester exams. In addition to this method of teaching, I have also adopted formative learning approach where students are involved in every lecture through the use of interactive learning resources such as Kahoot which generates questions for students to answer on their smart phones in the course of lectures.


    I have always submitted my examination questions and examination marks promptly to meet set deadlines for semester examinations, special Departmental, Faculty, College and Academic Board meetings where results are discussed. I have always been available for invigilation and performed my duties creditably.


    Students’ assessments of me under the KNUST Quality Assurance and Planning Unit (QAPU) consistently ranked my teaching as Very Good or Good which underscores the fact that I have performed commendably and diligently in the area of Teaching. 




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