Dr. Worlah Yawo Akwetey

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Animal Science


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Department of Animal Science

Faculty of Agriculture

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology






E-mail:                                     wyakwetey.canr@knust.edu.gh or worlahakwetey@yahoo.com

Mobile Phone:             +233 501 349 018



ACADEMIC RANK: Senior Lecturer


Head of Department: Department of Animal Science, KNUST

Executive Member: University Teachers Association (KNUST)

Sectional Head: Livestock Section, Department of Animal Science, KNUST

Unit Head: Meat Science and Processing Unit, Department of Animal Science, KNUST


Institution       Degree/Certificate     Date                Area/Field of Specialization

KNUST                       MSc                 2011    Food Sci. & Technology

OSU                           MS                  2009    Food and Nutrition (Meat Science Processing)

WUR                           Cert.                2002    Food Industry and Agribusiness Mgt.

KNUST                       BSc.                1998    Agriculture

WUR: Wageningen University and Research; OSU: Ohio State University





  • Slaughter Operations, Animal Welfare and Meat Quality
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Meat Processing and Innovative Product Development
  • Texture Profile and Sensory Evaluation of Ready-to-eat Meats


  • Value addition to Underutilized Fish/Meat Resources
  • Natural additives in Meat Product formulations
  • Reducing the use of nitrites in cured meats
  • Microbiological profile and safety of vended ready-to-eat meat products


University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG)

American Meat Science Association

Ghana Society of Animal Production

International Food Technologist Association

Ghana Animal Science Association


Undergraduate courses                                                                      Date

  1. AS 158 Growth and Development of Domestic Animals 20010 to 2012
  2. AS 455 Meat Science and Animal Products Processing 2009 to date
  3. AS 354 Meat and Dairy Technology 2010 to date
  4. AS 358 Meat Processing 2010 to date

Postgraduate courses                                                             Date

  1. AS 513 Meat Production and Animal Welfare 2015 to date
  2. AS 514 Advanced Meat Handling and Processing 2015 to date
  3. AS 515 Microbiology of Meat 2012 to date
  4. FTECH 559 Fish and Meat Technology 2015 to date
  5. AE 576 Fish Processing Technology 2012 to date



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