Prof. Christopher Antwi

Associate Professor

Research Areas/Interests

Greenhouse gas mitigation and emissions from animal agriculture Animal adaptation to climate change Fodder conservation and feed improvement for enha...~more

My full CV

Grants/Funds Awarded

Feb 2016 – Co-Investigator of GHC 1.3m SDF-COTVET project on “Development of Innovative Project-

                  Based Model and Modules to Train Dairy Farmers (Producers) and Processors in Ghana”


Apr  2016 –  Consultant, Potential use of bamboo leaves as feed for livestock 

                     Funding Agency: International Network for Bamboo and Rattan; GHC 53,529.00          .


Feb 2014 –  Principal Investigator of USD 44, 000 collaborative research involving Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda

                    on “Unlocking the potential of Bambara groundnut towards food security and improved livelihoods”.

                    Funding Agency: International Foundation for Science, IFS.           


Mar 2014 –  Consultant, Livestock component of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, DFAT Innovation 

                     Platform 1- year no cost extension grant. Funding Agency: DFAT, Australia.


Jan 2012 -   Principal Investigator of CAD 77,262 collaborative research on “the effect of direct fed microbials on 

                    livestock production. Funding Agency:  BEST Environment Technologies Project, Canada. 


Aug 2011 -   Team leader (Livestock component) of  USD 1.2m AusAID Project on Crop-livestock Integration 

                    involving Ghana, Mali, The Gambia and Benin. Funding Agency: DFAT, Australia.                


ENI-Okuafo Pa Training Project                                  $ 619,800.00

ENI-Okuafo Pa Training Centre Management               $ 2.64m

Skills Development Fund (SDF-COTVET) Project.         GHC107,630~ $21,500.00

German- African Cooperation Projects in Infectology; Coronavirus as a paradigm for the transmission interface between wildlife, livestock and humans.        € 154,752.88

Potential use of bamboo leaves as feed for livestock. Funding Agency: International Network for Bamboo and Rattan                                                                      € 6,866.07

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