Dr. Emmanuel Kwesi Arthur


Dept: Materials Engineering
Petroleum Building, College of Engineering, Office Number 325

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Research Areas/Interests

Specific areas of research interest include: Surface Engineering and Mechanical Properties Determination of Diffusion Hardened Ferrous Materials for ...~more

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Dr. Emmanuel Kwesi Arthur is a Materials Engineer/Scientist with research interests in mechanical metallurgy, novel surface hardening techniques and advanced characterization of materials for structural applications. He is an expert in surface engineering and prevention such as diffusion hardened ferrous materials for infrastructural applications. Dr. Arthur’s research work has focused on the use of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) from cassava leaf waste (as a source of carbon and nitrogen) to surface engineer ferrous materials (like AISI 8620 steel) via bio-carbonitriding process. The ultimate goal is to design and develop a cost-effective case-hardening method that can be commercialized for strengthening of ferrous materials. Part of this research was funded by a doctoral fellowship from the World Bank STEP B Program, the World Bank African Centers of Excellence Program, the African Development Bank Group, the African Building Capacity Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Institution.

Dr. Arthur has worked with numerous international and reputable local scholars in the field of metallurgy, mechanical and materials. He has hand on desk and interpretation on the use of advanced modern edge equipment   for chemistry and physics of materials majoring in materials characterization such as XRD, SEM/EDX, Nano-indenter, FTIR, Wear (Tribology-3 body Abrasive sliding), Surface Profiler, Instron and Micro-hardness tester.

Dr. Arthur has over (18) publications/conference proceedings in accredited peer-reviewed journals with strong impact factors. He is an outstanding researcher which has harvested several research grants internationally. The latest is the 1.4 million naira (~13,000 Ghana cedis) Grant from Nigerian Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) for doing research on Design and Evaluation of Bamboo-Epoxy Composite as an Alternative Roofing Material.

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