Dr. Lawrence Sheringham Borquaye

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Chemistry
Block B
Kuffuor Building
Department of Chemistry

Website: www.borquayelab.com

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Research Areas/Interests

Research in my group explores the interactions of chemical entities with biological systems and seeks to understand the ensuing effects. Rigorous benc...~more

Research Projects (Current and Past)

1. Natural Products Isolation - isolation of natural products from plants and marine organisms. Focus is on essential oils, bioactive compounds and peptides, their characterization and evaluation of their biological activities


2. Biomolecular Computations - Use of molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations to identify potential targets of natural products against tropical diseases such as malaria, leishmaniasis and elephantiasis. Docking and MD tools are also employed in deciphering the molecular basis of chloroquine efflux in resistant species of Plasmodium parasites


3. Small Molocules with Biological Activities: Design and syntheses of small molecules with potential anti-biofilm and quorum sensing inhibitory capabilities, also compounds that could inhibit bacteria efflux pumps


Pharmaceutical Residues: monitoring the occurrence of pharmaceutical residues in various environmental compartments and assessment of their potential risk to organisms in the ecosystem

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