Dr. Eric Selorm Agorku

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Chemistry

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Dr. Eric Selorm Agorku is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi-Ghana. He holds BSc. Chemistry (Hons), MSc. Inorganic Chemistry and PhD. Chemistry degrees. Dr. Agorku worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow (2015) under the UJ Global Excellence and Stature Scholarship and as Assistant Lecturer (2014-2015) at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2014, Eric was a beneficiary of the South Africa NRF-RISA Innovation Doctoral Scholarship award where he worked on ‘Metal and nonmetal doped semiconductor photocatalysts for water treatment’ under Prof. Ajay Kumar at the University of Johannesburg. His research interests include environmental monitoring with emphases on pesticides and heavy metals in water, fish and sediments, hydroquinone levels in creams, synthesis and characterization of smart polymers as slow-release materials for agro-chemicals, synthesis and characterization of molecularly imprinted polymers as sorbents for detection of pesticides in environmental samples, synthesis of doped semiconductors as visible-light active photocatalysts for environmental remediation of pollutants in water, synthesis of doped semiconductor nanocomposites for gas sensor application, and fabrication of graft biopolymer composites as superadsorbents/sorbents for water treatment and oil spill recovery. Eric is a chemical consultant and a formulation chemist. Dr. Agorku is the Head of Glassblowing Unit in the Department of Chemistry.

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