Dr. Gershon Amenuvor


Dept: Chemistry
F.A. Kufuor Building

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Research Areas/Interests

My research interests include the design and synthesis of mix-donor ligands involving donor atoms such as N, P, O and S and their metal complexes for ...~more


Dr Gershon Amenuvor is a Coordination/Organometallic Chemist with special interest in developing metal complexes based on phosphorus, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur mixed-donor ligands and their applications in homogeneous catalysis and metallodrug discovery. He is currently a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry.

Gershon received his BSc. honours degree in chemistry from KNUST (2011), MSc. and PhD. degrees from the University of Johannesburg (2013-2018) under the supervision of Prof. James Darkwa and Dr Banothile C.E. Makhubela. His postgraduate degrees were sponsored by the National Research Foundation (South Africa), Supervisor-Linked Sasol South Africa bursary and Centre for Catalysis (University of Johannesburg).

Gershon has passion for teaching and takes keen interest in students’ development through mentorship. He is also devoted to research and believes in doing his part right whiles leaving the rest for nature to take its course. With this in mind, he always encourages himself with his popular saying: ”the life we live in the lab makes us believe that the case is settled once all the necessary reagents are there in the flask. Why should we worry when we know that, certainly, nature takes it over from all our efforts?” His current research activities focus on synthesis of small organic molecules which could be active in tackling tropical diseases, synthesis of coordination compounds for applications in anion and cation detection, catalysis and biological applications.


Gershon is open for research collaborations. Please feel free to contact him via gershon.amenuvor@knust.edu.gh.

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