Dr. Emmanuel Adu Amankwah

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests


    • Amankwah, E.A., Gloria, K. Kyeremateng, H. and van Boxtel. A.J.B. (2019) Experimental Verification of Yam (Dioscorea rotundata) Drying with Solar Adsorption Drying, Applied Sciences, 9, 3927. DOI: 10.3390/app9183927.
    • Eshun, G. Amankwah, E.A. and Barimah, J. (2019) Proximate composition, mineral nutrients and functional properties of Digang, NERICA-1 and NERICA-2 rice varieties from Ghana, Global Advanced Research Journal of Agricultural Science (ISSN: 2315-5094) 8(6): 207-213.
    • Amankwah, E.A., Dsizi, A. van Straten, G. and van Boxtel. A.J.B. (2018) Modeling the equilibrium moisture content of desorption and adsorption of yam (Dente). Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal, 20(1): 184–192.
    • Amankwah, E. A., Dzisi, K. A., van Straten, G., & van Boxtel, A. J. B. (2018). Moisture Dependent Diffusion and Shrinkage in Yam during Drying. International Journal of Food Engineering, 14(7-8). DOI: 10.1515/ijfe-2017-0394
    • Amankwah, E.A. Dzisi, K.A. van Straten, G. van Willigenburg, L.G. van Boxtel, A.J.B. (2017) Distributed mathematical model supporting design and construction of solar collectors for drying, Journal of Drying Technology, 1-42.
    • Eshun, N, Amankwah E.A, Barimah, J., Dossou, V.M. and Van Twisk, C. (2015) Amino Acid Profiles of Some Varieties of Rice, Soybean and Groundnut Grown in Ghana. Journal of Food Processing Technology, 6(2): 1-3.
    • Amankwah, E.A. Dzisi, K.A. Agyabeng Fofie, E, Marmah, P and van Boxtel, A.J.B. (2014) Drying characteristics of dried banana (Musa sapientum), JSTF, Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 1(1), 22-27.
    • Tohibu, S.A., Amankwah, E.A. and Oduro, I. (2013) Chemical stability of vacuum packaged West African cheese (Wagashie), Academic Journals, Scientific Research and Essays, 8(26), 1212-1218.
    • Otu, P.N.A., Salia, F.K. and Amankwah, E.A. (2013) Optimizing acceptability of fresh moringa oleifera beverage, Food Science and Quality Management, 21, 34-39.
    • Otu, P.N.A., Salia, F.K. and Amankwah, E.A. (2013) Characterization of Fresh Moringa oleifera Beverage, Food Science and Quality Management, 21, 26-33.
    • Eshun, G., Amankwah, E.A. Barimah, J. (2013) Nutrients content and lipid characterization of seed pastes of four selected peanut (Arachis hypogaea) varieties from Ghana, African Journal of Food Science, 7(10), 375-381.
    • Akonor PT, Amankwah EA (2012) Thin Layer Drying Kinetics of Solar Dried Amaranthus hybridus and Xanthosoma sagittifolium Leaves. Journal of Food Processing Technology, 3(8):1-4.
    • Dzisi, K.A. Ayim, I. Amankwah, E.A. (2012) Thin layer modeling of FHIA-21 (Tetraploid plantain) - ARPN Journal of Agricultural Biological Sciences, 7(11), 946-952.
    • Ayim, I, Amankkwah E.A., Dzisi, K.A. (2012) Effect of Pretreatment and temperature on the air drying of French and False horn plantain slices, Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 13 (2), 771-1780

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