Mr. Kwaku Boafo Kissiedu

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Painting and Sculpture
Department of Painting Sculpture, Faculty of Art, KNUST

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Research Areas/Interests

Post-Colonial Art Education in Ghana, and the Ramifications of the Modernist Hegemony on Ghanaian Contemporary Art Practice. Contemporary Interventio...~more

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    Kissiedu, Kwaku Boafo and Simbao, Ruth. 2021. ‘A Quiet Revolution in Arts Education: The Rise of blaxTARLINES Kumasi’. African Arts [Special blaxTARLINES Issue]. 54 (2), pp. 1-5.

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    seid’ou, karî’kachä, Ampratwum, G. and Kissiedu, Kwaku Boafo. 2020. ‘Lee Nukpe's Nubile: A Carving with a Shadow’. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal 7 (No.6), 243-270.

    Nortey, Samuel, Bodjawah, Edwin K. and Kissiedu, Kwaku Boafo. 2019. ‘Traditional African Art Technologies and Contemporary Art Practice’. Studies in Visual Arts and Communication - An International Journal Vol 6, No 2 (2019) on-line ISSN 2393-1221.

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