Mr. Felix Annor Anim


Dept: Painting and Sculpture
MFA Studio Block
Sculpture Section
Department of Painting and Sculpture
Faculty of Art (Old Site)

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Research Areas/Interests

Sociatal constructs of physical memory How Human anatomy appears in different sculptural materials . Versatility of Fibre glass and resin in Sculpture...~more

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Felix Annor Anim is a lecturer in the Department of Painting and Sculpture with special interest in traditional medium and cultural memory. His art practice includes a wide range of artistic representations and techniques. He has worked with nails and discarded wood as sculpture materials, and is one of the pioneers who introduced coldcast metals in Ghana. He has been the Head of Department in 2013-2015 and Coordinator of Sculpture Section in 2011-2013. He is strategically place at the department’s foundation programmnes to nurture its fresh students and mould them to the basics of artistic representations. He is one of the faculty who in the early 2000s introduced polymer resins, stone carving and weld art, thereby broadening material and technical range in the department. He has mentored numerous artists and scholars who are expanding the frontiers of art in Ghana and beyond.

Felix’s interest in cultural memory has institutional ramifications, taking on political and cultural leadership in artistic representations. He is currently exploring the political memory of Ghana since 1957 and the 16 Kings of Asante by constructing and editing cultural and institutional memories.

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