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    1. Theme: Spectacles Speculations

    Date:     8th February — 10th March, 2018

    Venue: Ablade-Glover Hall (blaxTARLINES’ project space), KNUST, Kumasi.

          2.Theme: Orderly Disorderly

    Date:     30th June – 1st September 2017

    Venue: Museum of Science and Technology, Accra.

          3.Theme: of Blood, Soil and more… SILENCE SPEAKS

    Date:      28th April, 2017 – 26th May, 2017

    Venue: Cape Coast Castle

          4.Theme: Cornfields in ...

    Date:     17th June -13th August, 2016

    Venue: Museum of Science and Technology, Accra.


          5.Theme: If you Love Me...

    Date:     15th - April-5th May, 2016

    Venue: Locomotive shed, Ghana Railway Company, Kumasi

         6. Theme:   The Gown must go to Town: Of Art and Philosophical Consciencism

    Date:    June 19th -July 17th 2015

    Venue: Museum of Science and Technology, Accra.

        7.Theme: Silence between the lines: Anagrams of Emancipated Futures

    Date:    February 19th -23rd, 2015

    Venue: Kumasi


        8.Theme: 11th World Cultural Art Symposium

    Date:    25th September - 20thOctober, 2013

    Venue: Mosan Art Museum, Boryeong, South Korea



    • 2019- 12th Edition of Bamako Encounters. Streams of Consciousness. Panel Presentation: 21st Century Emancipatory Pedagogy in Africa, Bamako, 
    • 28th International  Sculpture  Conference:  Defining  Moments  in  the  Face  of  Change, 25th - 28th October, 2018. Philadelphia, U.S.A. Panel Presentation: “blaxTARLINES: Traversing a Space Within and Without Art”.
    •  PROSPA Publishing workshop hosted by the Arts of Africa and the Global South research programme towards a themed issue of African Arts Journal, Fine Art Department Rhodes University, South Africa, 19 to 24 November, 2018, Makhanda South
    •  Arts Council of African Studies Association (ACASA) 17th Triennial Symposium on African Art – August 8 – 13, 2017
    • Session 13.4 Creative Coalescing: Arts of KNUST and Ghana's Art Revolution. 
    • CASS 1st International Conference on Oil and Gas Industry: Social Dimensions, 28th – 31st August 2013. Kumasi,
    •       Nortey, S. & Bodjawah, E.K. (2013) “The Emerging Oil and  Gas Industry in Ghana:    Written and Oral Communications alone cannot help” CASS Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1 No. 1, ISSN 2343-6875, pp. 32 – 45.
    • Design, Development and Research Conference, July 18th – 20th Kumasi, Ghana. Nortey, S., Bodjawah, E. K & Osei, S. (2013). “Public Impression of Artworks: A Case study of KNUST”. 3rd Conference Proceedings of Design, Development and Research, Vol. 3, ISBN 978-9988-1-8513-8, pp. 442-460 
    • Anya Fulu Ugo, Interdisciplinary African Arts Conference in honour of El Anatsui and Obiora Udechukwu. Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka,    Nigeria.
    • 24th -27th June, 2015. Panel presentation- Contesting       Modernism; Insurgence at the Fine Art Department of KNUST, Ghana. Before, Between and Beyond two Cold streams; Making Artists in the Kumasi Art College.


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