Prof. Akwasi Acheampong

Associate Professor

Dept: Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Physical and Computational Sciences, College of Science, KNUST.

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Research Areas/Interests

My research centers on Natural products, Lipids, pharmaceutical analysis and quality control, and analysis of water, food and food supplements. In the...~more

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Positions Held & Hold

  • Professorial Rep of Fac of Physical and Computational Sciences t nCollege Board. Nov 2023 to Date.
  • Cognate Member, Board of KNUST School of Business. Dec 2023 to Date.
  • Chairman, KNUST Central Welfare Fund Management Committee. Aug 2018 to Date.
  • Member, College of Science Quality Assurance Committee, KNUST. Oct 2016 to July 2020.
  • Member, Welfare Services Board, KNUST. Jun 2016 to Date.
  • Member, Council of Convocation, KNUST. Jan 2016 to Jan 2020.
  • Member, University Welfare Services Board (UTAG rep.). July 2016 to Date.
  • Secretary, University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG). Sept 2015 to Date.
  • Executive Officer, University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG). 2013 to Sept 2015 (2nd term)
  • Examinations/Registration officer, Departmental of Chemistry, KNUST. Aug 2014 to July 2018.
  • Executive Officer, University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG). 2011 to Dec. 2013 (1st term)
  • Examinations/Registration officer, Departmental of Chemistry, KNUST. June 2012 to Dec 2013.
  • Fellow, Republic Hall, KNUST. June 2013 to Date.
  • Deputy Board Secretary, Departmental of Chemistry, KNUST. 2007 to Date.
  • Officer in charge of UV/Vis spectrophometer and other electronic equipment, Department of Chemistry. 2007- 2008.
  • Academic Tutor. 2006-2008, 2009/2010, and 2011 to Date.
  • Patron, Ghana Students Chemical Society, Department of Chemistry. 2011 to Date.
  • Member, committee to establish the Modalities for the use of UTAG-KNUST bus. Nov 2012.
  • Master of Ceremony (M.C.), College of Science Congregation. June 2012
  • Member, College of Science Congregation Committee. June 2012.
  • Member, committee to investigate alleged Examination Malpractices. College of Science. KNUST. Jan 2013.
  • Member, Planning Committee for the 1st Kumasi International Conference on Polymer Science and Technology (KIC-POST 1), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. March/April 2012.
  • Resource Person, Fresher’s Orientation. Department of Chemistry., 2008. 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • Resource Person, Chemistry Christian Fellowship, Department of Chemistry, KNUST.
  • Resource Person, College of Science Christian Fellowship, College of Science, KNUST. 17th November, 2012.
  • Member, Mentorship Group, College of Science. KNUST.
  • Chairman, Adhoc Committee For The Department Of Chemistry To Identify The Problem Hindering The Teaching/Learning Of Science And Mathematics In Senior High Schools. Department of Chemistry, KNUST.
  • Chairman, Committee for the Review of Organic Chemistry Courses (Syllabi). Department of Chemistry, KNUST. November, 2011.
  • Exhibitor and Exhibition Coordinator for Department of Chemistry, Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences Exhibition, Trade Fair Centre, Accra – Ghana. 19th – 28th October, 2007.
  • Exhibitor and Exhibition Coordinator for Department of Chemistry, KNUST Special Independence Day Exhibition at the New KNUST Museum. 5th – 9th March 2007.
  • Rapporteur and M.C., Stake Holders Conference on MPhil Polymer Science and Technology Programme, Department of Chemistry, KNUST, Kumasi. 10th – 11th May, 2010.

Chairman, KNUST Welfare Scheme (KWS). aUGUST 2018 to present.

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