Dr. Gershon Amenuvor


Dept: Chemistry
F.A. Kufuor Building

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Research Areas/Interests

My research interests include the design and synthesis of mix-donor ligands involving donor atoms such as N, P, O and S and their metal complexes for ...~more

Awards and Recognition

  1. Poster award for quality and originality of results (28th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, Florence, Italy); 2018
  2. Award by the RSC/PACN to attend the Pan Africa Chemistry Network congress in Kenya (Managing resources through chemistry: Wealth not waste); 2018
  3. Center for Catalysis (University of Johannesburg) and SASOL South Africa grant for Doctoral studies; 2015-2018
  4. Award by the RSC/PACN to attend GC-MS Training in Kenya; 2016
  5. The 1st Prize for Best Research Article within the Department of Chemistry, UJ, South Africa; 2016
  6. The 2nd Prize for the Best Poster Presenter within the Department of Chemistry Research Day, UJ, South Africa; 2016
  7. National Research Foundation Masters Scholarship holder; 2014-2015

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