Dr. Jeffery Ezearn


Dept: Mathematics
College of Science
Second Floor, SF 22

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Research Areas/Interests

Number Theory: Diophantine Equations (homogeneous equations over number fields) Prime Distribution (prime values of systems of univariat...~more


I am a Lecturer here at the Department of MathematicsKNUST, where I also obtained my mathematics degrees. I was briefly a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Roehampton, London before joining KNUST. My research interests in mathematics lie primarily in number theoryfunctional analysis, and convex & discrete geometry, usually concentrated around certain specific areas. I am part of the Algebra and Topology Group here at KNUST, co-organised with Bernard Bainson, and I also organise the semesterly MaTH-Challenge Prize Problems. You can have a look at my papers and preprints and visit my research blog.


I have, over the past few years, been a Visiting Lecturer at AIMS, Ghana, lecturing variously on number theory, topology and geometry, and functional analysis.

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Current teaching (1st Semester, 2023-2024) include:

  • MATH 151 (Algebra--for Engineering students)
  • MATH 495 (Number Theory I, for Final-year Math students)
  • MATH 563 (Number Theory I, for MPhil students)


Current research students, KNUST: 



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