Dr. Jeffery Ezearn


Dept: Mathematics
College of Science
Second Floor, SF 22

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Research Areas/Interests

Number Theory: Diophantine Equations (homogeneous equations over number fields) Prime Distribution (prime values of systems of univariat...~more


I am a Lecturer here at the Department of MathematicsKNUST, where I also obtained my mathematics degrees. I was briefly a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Roehampton, London before joining KNUST. My research interests in mathematics lie primarily in number theoryfunctional analysis, and geometric topology, usually concentrated around certain specific areas. I am part of the Algebra and Topology Group here at KNUST, co-organised with Bernard Bainson, and I also organise the semesterly MaTH-Challenge Prize Problems. You can have a look at my papers and preprints and visit my research blog.


I have, over the past few years, been a Visiting Lecturer at AIMS, Ghana, lecturing variously on number theory (2019, 2020, 2021), functional analysis (2020), and topology and geometry (2019)

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Current teaching (2nd Semester, 2021-2022) include:

  • MATH 152 (Calculus with analysis--for Engineering students)
  • MATH 398 (Introduction to Functional Analysis--for Physics students)
  • MATH 496 (Number Theory II)

Previous teaching include:

  • MATH 151 (Algebra--for Engineering students)
  • MATH 152 (Calculus with Analysis--for Engineering students)
  • MATH 171 (Calculus)
  • MATH 173 (Logic and Set Theory)
  • MATH 275 (Linear Algebra II)
  • MATH 495 (Number Theory I)
  • MATH 496 (Number Theory II)
  • MATH 464 (Introduction to Functional Analysis)
  • MATH 501 (Advanced Functional Analysis I)
  • MATH 502 (Advanced Functional Analysis II)



Current Research Students, KNUST



Past Research Students, KNUST:

  • Lawton Adu-Asare (MPhil; Functional Analysis; 2019)
  • Emmanuel Kodzo Osei (MPhil; Number Theory; 2019)
  • Alexander Boateng (MPhil; Group Theory; 2019)
  • Dennis Ofori (MPhil; Optimisation; 2019)
  • Eric Abeka (MPhil; Functional Analysis; 2020)
  • Michael Kelibah Yakubu (MPhil; Number Theory, 2020)
  • Obaapa Ntim-Barimah (MPhil; Optimisation/Functional Analysis, 2021)
  • Emmanuel Botchway (MPhil; Functional Analysis, 2021)



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