Prof. Imoro Braimah


Dept: Planning
Department of Planning,
KNUST - Kumasi

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Research Areas/Interests

Strategic Planning, Educational Planning, Local Economic Development and Infrastructure Planning...~more

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    Journal Publications arising out of Research

    1. Dina Adei, Imoro Braimah & John Victor Mensah (2019), Occupational Health and Safety Practices among Fish Processors in Kumasi Metropolitan Area, Ghana, Occupational Health Science (Springer),
    2. Gideon Abagna Azunre, Owusu Amponsah, Charles Peprah, Stephen Appiah Takyi & Imoro Braimah (2019), A Review of the Role of Urban Agriculture in the Sustainable City Discourse, Cities, 93:104-119,
    3. Braimah,, K. Obeng Nti and O. Amponsah (2017), Poverty Penalty in Urban Water Market in Ghana, Urban Forum,
    4. Owusu A., V. Håkan, Braimah, W.S. Torben, R. C. Abaidoo (2016), The Policy Implications of Urban Open Space Commercial Vegetable Farmers Willingness and Ability to Pay for Reclaimed Water for Irrigation in Kumasi, Ghana, Heliyon (Elsevier) 2: 1-38,
    5. Braimah, I., O. Amponsah and M. O. Asibey (2016), “The effectiveness of the local management systems of rural water facilities for sustainable service delivery: A case study of the Sekyere East District, Ghana”, Sustainable Water Resources Management, DOI 10.1007/s40899-016-0070-7, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
    6. Owusu A., V. Håkan, W.S. Torben, Braimah, R. C. Abaidoo (2015), The Impact of farmers’ participation in field trials in creating awareness and stimulating compliance with the World Health Organization’s farm-based multiple barrier approach, Environ, Dev & Sustainability, DOI1o.1007/s10668-015-9686-2
    7. Owusu A., V. Håkan, W.S. Torben, E. S. Boateng, Braimah, R. C. Abaidoo (2015), Assessing low quality water use policy framework: Case study from Ghana, Resources, Conservation and Recycling: 1-15
    8. King R. S., I. Braimah, & A. Brown (2015), Formalising the Informal Sector through Association: the Case of Kumasi Informal Bakers’ Association, Journal of Sustainable Development, 8 (2), 46-56
    9. Kafui, A. O., R. Adamtey, C. Oduro & I. Braimah (2015), The Nexus between Communication and Development Planning. Exploring the Communication Methods Used by Development Planners in Ghana, Developing Country Studies, 5(2), 59-69
    10. Oduro-Ofori, E., Braimah and K. Osei (2014), Promoting Green Infrastructure in Kumasi: Challenges and Strategies, Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(26), 110-118
    11. Oduro Ofori, E., Braimah and F. S. Asamoah (2014), The Effects of Natural Resource Conservation on the Development of Fringe Communities around the Barekese Catchment Area, Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(19), 27-33
    12. Oduro-Kwarteng, S., I. Money and Braimah (2015), Human Resource Capacity in Ghana’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector: Analysis of Capacity Gaps and Policy Implications, Journal of Water Policy, 17(3): 502-519. doi:10.2166/wp.2014.293
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    15. Owusu-Ansah J.K. and Braimah (2013) The dual land management systems as an influence on physical development outcomes around Kumasi, Ghana, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 28(4), 689-703.
    16. Agyemang K.O., O. Amponsah, Braimah and S. Lurumuah (2012), Commercial Charcoal Production and Community Development of the Upper West Region, Ghana, Journal of Sustainable Development, 5(4), 149-164.
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    19. Braimah I. and Yuliani S.D. (2011), Conflict Sensitive Planning in the Nanumba District of Ghana, Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 13 (5), 66-79
    20. Braimah, I. and M. Alhassan (2010), Prospects of Commercialising Town and Country Planning Services in Ghana: A Case Study of the Kumasi Metropolitan Town and Country Planning Department, Journal of Building and Road Research, Ghana, 12 (1), 23-34.
    21. Braimah, (2009), Dimensions of Basic School Dropouts in Rural Ghana: The Case of Asutifi District, Journal of Science and Technology, 29(3), 72-85
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