Prof. Karî’kachä Seid’ou

Associate Professor

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Modern, Contemporary and Post-Contemporary Art, Curating, Art and Design History, Ghanaian and African Art, Black Radical Tradition, 20th and 21st Cen...~more

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    seid’ou, karî’kachä. 2021. 'On Stage-Crafting and State-Crafting Beyond Crisis: Ibrahim Mahama's Word and Deed'. African Arts [Special blaxTARLINES Issue]. 54 (2), pp. 52-67.

    seid’ou, karî’kachä, Akoi-Jackson, B., Mahama, I., Ohene-Ayeh, K., Thompson, T. 2021. 'Talking, Stuttering, Speaking whilst Listening Intently for a Promis of Egalitarian Regeneration: A Five-Way Conversation'. African Arts [Special blaxTARLINES Issue]. 54 (2), pp. 12-21.

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    seid’ou, karî’kachä, 2020. 'Changing Lessons: The Kumasi School of “Art and Crafts” in a Scottish Regime (1952-1962)'. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences. 11(1) pp. 42-71.

    Bojdawah, Edwin; seid’ou, k?rî'k?chä; Kofigah, Francis Elsbend & Sosu, Selasi. 2018.  Beyond the Masquerade: Simulation and Reproduction of African Mask Forms. International Journal of Art and Art History. American Research Institute for Policy Development. 6 (1). 78-88.

    Bojdawah, Edwin, seid’ou, k?rî’k?chä, Sosu, Selasi Awusi, Ayim, Bertha. 2018. Materializing the Image, Imaging the Material: African Mask forms in Second Life. Journal of Arts and Humanities. 7(4): 22-31.


    seid’ou, karî'kachä. 2020. '“Hand and Eye Work” in Gold Coast Colonial Modernism: A Genealogical History of Ghana’s Fossilized Art Curriculum'. In Vlasta Hus (Ed.), New Horizons in Education and Social Studies Vol.2. London, West Bengal: Book Publisher International, pp. 136-161.

    seid’ou, karî'kachä & Bouwhuis, J.  2019. 'Renzo Martens: Tretyakov in the Congo?' In Anthony Downey & Els Rolandt (Eds.). Critique in Practice: Renzo Martens’ Episode III: Enjoy Poverty. London, New York: Sternberg Press. pp. 186-195.

    seid’ou, karî'kachä. 2019. ‘Appendix Appendicitis’. In Streams of Consciousness: A Concatenation of Dividuals. [Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Aziza Harmel, Astrid Sokona Lepoultier, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh (Eds.)]. 12th Edition of the Bamako Encounters. Archive Books / Editions Balani’s, pp. 129,130. ISBN 978-3-948212-20-9

    seid’ou, karî'kachä. 2019. ‘Appendix Appendicite’.  Courants de conscience: Une concaténation de “Dividus”. [Edité par Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung avec Aziza Harmel, Astrid Sokona Lepoultier, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh]. Archive Books / Editions Balani’s, pp. 135, 136. ISBN 978-3-948212-19-3 [French Translation by Ibrahim Cissé and seid’ou, karî'kachä]. 

    Diallo, A., seid’ou, karî'kachä, Kissiedu, K. B., Ampratwum, al. 2017. Department of Now: The teaching methods at Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has cultivated a new generation of innovative artists. Curriculum of ConnectionsFocus: Education. C& Print Issue #7, pp. 44-48. Publishers: Contemporary And (C&)/ documenta 14.    [The book was launched at documenta 14, Kassel, Germany].


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