Prof. Naail Mohammed Kamil

Associate Professor

Dept: Human Resource and Organisational Development
KNUST - School of Business
Third Floor, Room 10 (TF10)

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Research Areas/Interests

1. Comparative Study of Organisational Behaviour (Conventional and Islamic) 2. Islamic Management 3. Islamic Banking and Finance 4. Comparative Bus...~more

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Grants/Funds Awarded

Kamil, N. M., & Sugumaran, S. (2014). Assessing the Effects of Spirituality and the Mediating Effect of Social Responsibility on OCB. SEGi University Research Fund. Awarding Agency: SEGi University.
Amount: RM10,500.

Sugumaran, S., & Kamil, N. M. (2014). The Role of Spirituality on Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR): Empirical Investigation in the Malaysian Business Context.
Amount: RM 10,000

Sarif, S. M., Duasa, J., Kamil, N. M., & Ismail, Y. (2013). A Unified Theory of the Firm from Tawhidic Paradigm. A Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) Phase 1/2013. Awarding Agency: Malaysian Ministry of Education.
Amount: RM 92,956.00 (Approx. USD29,000.00)

Amuda, Y. J., Abdul Razak, D., Adeyemi, A. A., Kamil, N. M. (2013). Economic and Legal Impact of Criminal Activities of Some Nigerians Living in Malaysia. A Graduate School of Management Research Fund (GSMRF). Awarding Agency: IIUM.
Amount: RM 20,000.00 (Approx. USD6,000.00).

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