Dr. Ginn Bonsu Assibey


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Graphic Design and Print-security Design Dynamics, Advertising Design Strategies, Innovative Design For Social and Environmental Sustainability  ...~more

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Ginn Assibey Bonsu holds a doctorate in Design from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa. His research interests include exploring challenges to sustainable design, designing for sustainability in the context of climate change and an exploration into emerging advertising strategies. He works mostly in two research paradigms – interpretivism and pragmatism – which are driven by learning through participation.

At Christian Service University College, I supervised thirteen Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies students’ project works or theses with a research focus on Advertising and New Media. Aside from the undergraduate supervision that I undertook at Christian Service University College, I also examine graduate (Masters) proposals from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), South Africa, which are advertising and graphic design inclined. 

I have attended a number of academic conferences in Ghana and South Africa and have published articles in peer-reviewed international and Ghanaian journals. The published articles cut across design methods, advertising, graphic design and sustainability. 

I was part of the research team that worked on the C-Climate Futures (The South Africa / Norway research collaboration programme also known as SANCOOP funded by the Research Council of Norway and the National Research
Foundation (NRF) in South Africa). Currently, I am part of the team of researchers working on the DesignBrics project that is centred on design ecology - an extension of the SANCOOP Project.

During my doctoral studies, I was awarded a CPUT Research Fund and a CPUT Conference Fund.  My problem-solving skills and hard work paved a way for being honoured by the CSUC for outstanding innovative problem-solving skills staff in 2018. My latest work is a book chapter for Springer, which is under review (2020).

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