Dr. Kofi Nyame Amoako-Agyeman

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Communication Design
Department of Communication Design
Faculty of Art
Adarkwah Building

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Research Areas/Interests

Communication for Development: Design Thinking; Media; Visual, Development, and Health Communication. Visual literacy and culture, Development of ...~more

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Dr. Kofi N Amoako-Agyeman is a Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Design, experienced in teaching, communicating, counselling, writing and designing. His teaching and research interests broadly, revolve around the hybrid of design thinking, and visual, development and health communication. He puts premium on designers being at the forefront of development schema, delivering appropriate communications to receptive audiences to achieve desired effects. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Health Psychology/Communication and Masters in Education, Communication and Technology, all at the University of Manchester, UK. His philosophy supports the continuous development of the self in integrity, as key to meaningful and sustainable developments. Strong in commitment to excellence in self-management, also a keen advocate of lifelong learning towards the development of innate abilities. He has the aptitude of relating well with all manner of people irrespective of background, with tact, courtesy, empathy and patience to achieve set objectives.

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