Mr. Anthony Kofi Badu

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Communication Design
College of Art and Built Environment
Faculty of Art, Department of Communication Design

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Anthony Kofi Badu is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Communication Design (DECODE), Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology. In 1997 he obtained his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Master in Marketing In 2007. In the last two decades, he has been practicing Communication Design Technology (Print Production involving Colour Management, Print Estimation and Quality Control; Advertising (Below and Above-the-line) and Brand concepts.

His Advertising career began in the year 2000 after gaining wealth of knowledge from Design Press in Print Production. This experience got him employed into Media Magique and Research Systems a renowned Advertising Agency affiliated to Ogilvy and Mather worldwide. As energetic and proactive person he learnt a lot to expand his frontiers in the Design Profession. He was exposed to the House Style of Ogilvy through practice and series of workshops.

A statement made by the founder of OGILVY, David Ogilvy, about the BIG IDEA got him thinking, that, the Graphic Design Profession must involve an understanding of Marketing Essentials. He said;

“Unless your advertising is built on a Big Idea, it will pass like a ship in the night”

Knowing this and eager to understand and be comfortable with the future demands of Marketing perspectives he enrolled in Marketing at the Graduate level.  Upon completion, MMRSOGILVY employed him again at the managerial level. He has varied experiences in developing Advertising Plans; Media Planning and Placement; Planning and executing advertising Campaigns; and Strategic Branding.

Among the many roles he has held to uplift the image of DECODE are: Manager (Design Press, a printing laboratory for DECODE and Publishing Studies); Internship Coordinator; Patron (Graphic Arts students Association); and Internship coordinator. He has also organized several students field trips to the industry. He is calm, composed and meticulous, that affords him the flexibility to relate with peers as well as students.

He has not regretted joining this noble profession “Teaching”, as these experiences have helped him with practical expositions in his lecture delivery. It is gratifying to be a part of a TEAM that transforms lives.

“…….. if you do it right, a lot of the right people will see it. What does that mean for all of us? It means we have to be very, very creative- just as we have always had to be, but better than ever. That’s the challenge.” Shelly Lazarus (CEO, OGILVY)

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