Dr. Ginn Bonsu Assibey


Dept: Communication Design
College of Art New site opposite Business School Graduate Studies

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Research Areas/Interests

Sustainable Design, Advertising Design, Social Innovation   ...~more

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Professional/Teaching Experience

  • With my experience as a course lecturer for nine years, I support the planning, development and the delivery of courses. I also ensure that courses align with the University’s policy and strategies on teaching and learning. I therefore efficiently manage resources associated with courses delivery while undertaking requisite monitoring, evaluation and reporting associated with specific courses to ensure excellence.

    Teaching and learning are the two major pillars of education. As a creative designer and a lecturer, I believe that “Learning is a reflective activity which enables the learner to draw upon previous experience to understand and evaluate the present, so as to shape future action and formulate new knowledge”. I, therefore, teach students the act of effective learning, which is integral in the lives of students by making them understand the role of the teacher form instructional, constructional and co-constructional perspectives.

    I believe in teamwork as a tool for facilitating work efficiency and effectiveness. I thus, work with other researchers in most of my research undertakings. I tolerate other views and make sure that I do not impose my ideas but rather argue my ideas out to enable others to understand my perspectives. Therefore, I am keen about collaborations for the betterment of the institution within which I work.


  • Courses Taught 

    August 2011 - August 2020 (Past)

    Electronic Publishing and Design

    Advertising Copywriting for Print Media

    Advertising Copywriting for Electronic Media

    Graphic Arts


    New Media

    Writing for the Web

    Research Methods

    Advertising Management

    Graphics of Communication

    Communication Basics


    Special Topics in Communication

    Communication in Ministry

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