Dr. George Kushiator

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests

Art and Design, Art and Culture, Photography, Creativity and Innovation...~more

My full CV


    1. Howard E.K., Asinyo B K., Kushiator G., Ayensu-Marfo, S, Twumasi-Appiah, S. (2019). Customer Loyalty Through Branding and Packaging of Printed fabrics of Major Textile Factories in Ghana. Journal of the Institute of Textiles and Fashion Professionals– Ghana, Vol.1 Issue1 pp. 21-36 ISSN: 2665-0983

    2. Kushiator G., Howard E.K., Rahman A., Quaye A.H., Dompreh H.O., (2019) Integration of Media Technology: Painting Photography and Digital Art as Cultural Expression in Ghana. Africa Development and Resources Research Institute Journal, Ghana: Vol. 28, No. 6(5), Pp.1-20, E-ISSN: 2343-6662. URL: https://www.journals.adrri.org
    1. Kushiator G. (2012). The work of Art. Alliances: University of Michigan Africa Study Center, Member, University of Michigan International Institute. Winter 2012 no. 4 pg.7 Michigan USA https://docplayer.net/33459277-Alliances-effort-to-rebuild-liberia-s-universities-underway-winter-2012-university-of-michigan.html
    1. Kushiator G. (2010). Lecturer Facilitates Workshop, CASS News, Official Bi-annual Newsletter of the College of Art and Social Sciences, KNUST Kumasi Ghana. August 2010 ISSN 0855-7950 Vol. 1 No 1 pg. 35
    1. Kushiator G. (2014). Awards: CASS News, Official Bi-annual Newsletter of the College of Art and Social Sciences, KNUST Kumasi Ghana. January- June 2014 ISSN 0855-7950 Vol. 6 No 1 pg. 21



    6.        Kushiator G. (2010).  Multi-media Art Practices

               Venue: Thapong Visual Art Center, Gaborone, Botswana  

    7.        Kushiator G. (2011). Cultural and Spiritual Rediscovery

               Venue:  1644 SSWB International Institute, (Africa Study Center) Michigan, USA

    8         Kushiator G. (2012). Ghanaian Cultural Expressions

               Venue: Ann Arbor Community Church, USA

           Kushiator G. (2015). The Spectacles of Marbling Expressions

               Venue: Galleri Claus-C, Copenhagen, Denmark

    10       Kushiator G. (2015). Hybridity

               Venue: Langland Museum Rudkøbing, Denmark

     13      Kushiator G. (2015). Kushism: Digital Cut Out in Prints

               Venue: Design Studio 2, KNUST Kumasi, Ghana   

    11      Kushiator G. (2016). Art Legislation and Instruction

              Venue:  Museum KBI, KNUST Kumasi, Ghana

    12      Kushiator G. (2016). Digital Technology and Trans-Disciplinary Art Strategies                          

              Venue: Alliance Francaise Kumasi Ghana

    14     Kushiator G. (2018). Beyond Terrestrial Reminiscence

              Venue: Studio 2 Old Art Faculty. KNUST Kumasi, Ghana

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