Dr. Isaac Adjei Mensah


Dept: Statistics and Actuarial Science

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    1. Musah, M., Mensah, I.A., Morrison A., Mahmood H., Murshed M., Omari-Sasu, A. Y., Boateng F., Nyaedi J.D., Coffie, C. P. K. (2021). Reinvestigating the Pollution Haven Hypothesis controlling for cross-sectional dependency and slope heterogeneity issues. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. (ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT-UNDER PRODUCTION).
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    10. Atingabili, S., Wang, W., Mensah, I. A., Tackie, E. A., Ahakwa, I., & Sarkodie, P. O. (2021). Teamwork and Physician Burnout: The Moderating Role of Perceived Organisational Support. Health13(4), 416-438.
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    44. Isaac, Adjei Mensah, Agyei Wallace, and Kwasi Boateng. "Assessing the occurrence of maternal mortality and some related factors at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital." International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research4, no. 12 (2015).

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