Dr. Sampson Twumasi-Ankrah

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Statistics and Actuarial Science
Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Second Floor, SF 23
College of Science Building

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Research Areas/Interests

Time Series Analysis Econometrics Model Selection Extreme Value Theory Multivariate Data Analysis Modeling Infectious Diseases Volatility Modeli...~more


Dr. Sampson Twumasi – Ankrah is a senior lecturer in statistics at the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, KNUST, and also the data lead for the Ellis Owusu Dabo (EOD) Research Group at the School of Public Health.

At the EOD Research Group, He is the data lead-in projects like Typhoid Vaccine Trial, pediatric INTS vaccine trial, surveillance studies in severe typhoid, using mobile technology to improve child mortality. Through these projects, for over 3 years, he has become an experienced expert in the selection of appropriate study design, sample size calculation, data collection procedures, effective data management procedures, developing and establishing a DSS database for clinical trials; and practical implementation of unique research ideas.

His current research focuses on developing statistical methods to better understand the underlying structures of models used in mitigating public health risks or concerns.

The focus of his current work concentrates on three themes:

  1. Clinical trials in Typhoid with a strong focus on clinical data management processes. He is competent in all aspects of clinical data management, specifically: good understanding of GCP and familiarity with relevant regulations; CRF design; Database design and EDC study set-up; development of data validation strategy, quality checks throughout the various stages of clinical trials, appropriate participant enrolment processes, designing SOP for data management.
  2. Surveillance studies in typhoid, diabetes, organ damage, reducing child mortality using mobile technology.
  3. Statistical model selection techniques in time series, econometrics, extreme statistics, and regression methods.

 In each of these three themes, his interest broadly sits at the interface between statistics, epidemiology, and economics. Sampson is passionate about translating best statistical practice into applied research to improve the quality of research.


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