Dr. Vincent de Paul Kanwetuu


Dept: Sociology and Social Work
TF 22C, New Building (NB) Faculty of Social Sciences

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Research Areas/Interests

Areas of research interests include work and organizations, deviance and social control, gender and sexuality. Mixed methods....~more

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    Akuoko, K. O. & Kanwetuu, V. P. (2012). Performance Appraisal as Employee Motivation Mechanism in Selected Financial  Institutions in Kumasi, Ashanti Region of  Ghana, Zenith International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol. 2, Issue 6, 20-37, ISSN 2231-5780.

    Akuoko, K. O., Yeboah, M. K., Kanwetuu, V. P., & Kwankye, E. A. (2013). Worker characteristics and compliance to occupational health and safety of wood workers in Naja David Wood Industry Limited in Kumasi, Ghana, International Journal of  Research in Commerce and Management, Vol. 4, Issue 5, 121-127, ISSN 0976-2183.

    Akuoko, K. O., Kanwetuu, V. P., and Dwumah, P. (2014). Effect of reward systems on employees’ behaviour in Obuasi Municipality of Ghana, International Journal of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Research, Vol. 3, Issue 1, 128 – 142, January 2014, ISSN 2277 3630.

    Ofori-Dua, K., Akuoko, K. O., & Kanwetuu, V. P. (2015). Unanticipated consequences of imprisonment on families of prison inmates of Kumasi Central Prison of Ghana, International Journal of Social Science Studies, Vol.3, No. 3; May 2015, ISSN 2324-  8033 E-ISSN 2324-8041.

    Kanwetuu, V. P., Akuoko, K. O., and Obeng, B. (2015). Nexus of performance appraisal and             manager/subordinate relationship in employee motivation in financial institutions in Kumasi, Ashanti Region of Ghana, International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies, Vol. 2, Issue 8, August 2015, ISSN 2394-4404.

    Kanwetuu, V. P., Mokulogo, R. K. & Azumah, D. F. (2018). Understanding adolescents’ sexual behaviour in Ghana: Information sources and their effects, Sexuality & Culture. ISSN 1095-5143. DOI: 10.1007/s12119-018-9509-3, Available online.

    Forkuor, J. B., Kanwetuu, V. P., Ganee, E. M. & Ndemole, I. K. (2018). Bride price and the state of marriage in North-West Ghana, International Journal of Social Science Studies, 6(9), 34-43.




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