Dr. (Mrs.) Francess Dufie Azumah

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Sociology and Social Work
New Social Science Block
Room TF 22H

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Research Areas/Interests

Gender Issues and Development Crime and Social Cohesion Gender and Sexuality Family and Welfare Work and Organisation Conflict, Peace Building and Di...~more

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Dr. Francess Dufie Azumah (ESQ), appointed the first female Senior Tutor (I) of the University Hall (Katanga Hall) KNUST on 1st August 2018, holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Gender Studies from the University of Hull UK; a Barrister at Law (BL), Ghana School of Law, a Postgraduate Diploma in Research from the University of Hull UK. She also holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Economics and Sociology University of Science and Technology currently known as KNUST. She is a teacher by profession and had taught Economics in Opoku Ware Secondary School in 1997.

Since August 2004, Dr. Dufie Azumah has been working for the KNUST as a Lecturer, teaching Gender and Development, Gender and Sociology, Research (Quantitative and Qualitative) and Criminology currently known as Deviance and Social Control. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at KNUST.

Dr. Dufie Azumah has since 2005 supervised both Undergraduate and Postgraduate final year thesis respectively.

She possesses strong skills in both Qualitative and Quantitative research. Strong analytical capacity and ability to identify, and articulate difficult problems and issues related to gender, economics, social development and justice taking into account the interplay of the socio-demographic, cultural, economic, political and legal environments, and the impact of these systems on different genders, race and minority social groups. She actively been involved in the promotion of knowledge by researching into issues of domestic violence, rights for vulnerable groups including disabled individuals, women and children. She also endeavored to put into the field of gender studies and development some technical terms in the various disciplines of study and occupation. Other research she has done or have been involved in includes; studies in sexual base violence, attitude toward people with disability, work and family life, culture practices and belief systems and their effects on the people. She also considerably dealt with the syllables structure of Gender and Development Criminology, Deviance and Social Control, Research Methods, Disability Studies and, in the very recent period discussed this within the optimality theoretical framework. In all these areas, some publications have been made to enhance studies in the field (see publications and conference papers).


As a gender specialist and consultant, she has a very strong background and rich working experience in gender and development, and social justice issues on the international, regional and national frontiers through interactions, debates, dialogues, discussions with policy makers, advocates, practitioners, development partners, academicians, and traditional leaders from all walks of life.  As a strong human right advocate and practitioner, she understands that gender and women issues are an inalienable part of fundamental human rights. She epitomized this through education and awareness creation in the various training, workshops, conference and seminars at international and local levels by presenting papers, and/ or as a guest speaker, drafting policy documents, tool kits for institutions, mobilising funds, offering guidance, help and support for many. Again, drawing from long years of experience of teaching in the disciplines such as Gender and Development, Criminology, Research Methods, Disability and Rehabilitation Studies, Social work and the Law, has not only broaden her scope with regards to international and national instruments and legislations, global literature, policies and strategies, but also influenced her contribution to knowledge with regards to research and publications in these areas.   She has gained both research and professional skills.

Dr. Dufie Azumah is the Department of Sociology and Social Work programs coordinator for the Institute Distance Learning, KNUST since 2011. A position she still holds and is the lead facilitator for Research Methods, Deviance and Social Control; and Gender and Development. She has served on many Committees both in the University and at the National Level. She is currently the Chair of the Fund-Raising Committee -Faculty of Social Science (FoSS), a member on the Committee of Industry and Collaboration (FoSS). She is also a member of the Ghana Bar Association.

She is a practicing Christian and a Musical worshipper.

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