Rev. Martin Owusu Adi-Dako

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Communication Design
Department of Communication Design
Adarkwa building
Second Floor room 1 (SF1)

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Research Areas/Interests

Visual culture Film production...~more

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Professional/Teaching Experience

  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Design

    * The Principles Of Animation and Film

    * Principles of 3D Modelling,Texturing and lighting

    * 3D Rigging and Animation

    * Architectural Visualisation and Rendering

    * Special Effects in film

    * Digital Movie Processing

    * Image Processing

    * The Science and Engineering of Sound

    *The Psychology of Sound in Film

    * Principles of Sound Design




    Senior Lecturer, Department of Culture and Tourism

    * Contemporary African Art

    * General Characteristics of  Traditional African Art

    * Form and Function in African Art

    * Unity in Diversity in African Art

    * Erotica and Humour in African Art

    * Forth Dimensionality of African Art

    * Aesthetics and Criticism in African Art




    Lecturer & Senior Lecturer,, Centre for Cultural and African Studies

    * African Traditional Music Composition

    * Videography - Pre to Post Production Video Documentation,

    * Sound Engineering,

    * Music Technology

    * Psychology of Sound in Film

    * Analogue to Digital Audio Archiving

    * Analogue to Digital Video Archiving

    * Principles of Music Vidoe Production

    * African Traditional Art,

    * African Traditional Music and the Roots of North American

    * Tradition of Jazz

    * African Theatre and Music

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