Mr. John Opuni Amankwa

Part Time Assistant Lecturer

Dept: Communication Design
Department of Communication Design, Faculty of Art, College of Art and Built Environment - KNUST, PMB. Kumasi

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John Opuni Amankwa is an expert in graphic design and photography, boasting a robust academic foundation and extensive professional experience. Having earned a Ph.D. and double Master's degrees from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana, Dr. Amankwa specializes in design studio pedagogy, project-based learning environments, and educational technology in communication design. His expertise transcends disciplinary boundaries, as he is deeply interested in exploring innovative methodologies and theoretical frameworks to advance knowledge and understanding. Dr. Amankwa's professional endeavours include collaborative projects with industry partners and academic community organizations, showcasing his dedication to bridging theory and practice. Committed to education and research, he fervently strives to empower future scholars and practitioners in art, design, and education through his publications and affiliations, thereby contributing significantly to the advancement of his field.

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