Mr. Anthony Kofi Badu

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Communication Design
College of Art and Built Environment
Faculty of Art, Department of Communication Design

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Research Areas/Interests


    Adjei, F.A., Ayee M. and Badu, A.K. (2019). Developing Interactive Game to Educate Senior High School Students on Teenage Pregnancy: Case study of Yaa Asantewaa Senior High School, Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Vol. 7, No. 7 ISSN 2347-5374

    Eshun, E. F.; Badu, A. K. and Korwu, P. (2018). Impact of Service Quality on Students’ Satisfaction in a Ghanaian Public Tertiary Institution  International Journal of Learning and Development ISSN 2164-4063, Vol. 8, No. 3  

    Badu  A. K., Appiah E. and Eshun E. F. (2016). Service Quality practices and students satisfaction towards the Department of Communication Design,  Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 36, No. 3, pp 86-95

    Owusu, A; Badu, A.K. and Musa A.M. (2016). Green Marketing impact on Ghanaian customer satisfaction and environmental safety European Journal of Business, Economics and Accountancy Vol. 4, No. 2, ISSN 2056-6018

    Owusu A., Mensah N.O. and Badu, A.K. (2016). Positive contributions of globalization on developing countries.  A focus on Ghanaian employees. International Journal of Information, Business and Management, Vol. 8, No.3

    Owusu, A., Badu, A.K. and Mensah N.O. (2015). Factors Influencing Real Estate Agents Selection: A Survey of Real Estate Customers in Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana. Journal of Investment and Management. Vol. 4, No2,pp. 68-72. doi: 10.11648/j.jim.20150402.1

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