Prof. Clifford Amoako

Associate Professor

Dept: Planning
Office Number 01
Postgraduate Block
Faculty of Built Environment
College of Art and Built and Environment

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Research Areas/Interests

Urban informality and flood vulnerability in African cities Urban land use and transportation planning Urban governance and development management Ho...~more


    Book Chapters

    1. Adamtey, R and Amoako, C. (2021). Mobilizing Internally Generated Funds by Local Governments in Ghana. In Farazmand, A (ed.), Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance,
    2. Amoako, C (2015). The Politics of Flood Vulnerability in Informal Settlements around the Korle Lagoon in Accra, Ghana. In Garland, M. A (ed) Urban Opportunities: Perspectives on Climate Change, Resilience, Inclusion, and the Informal Economy, Wilson Center and USAID, Washington DC.
    3. Amoako, C, Oduro, C.Y and Adamtey, R (2014) Eastern Region. In Adarkwa, K.K. (ed) Human settlements and service delivery in Ghana, University Printing Press, KNUST, Kuamasi, pp. 215-237
    4. Amoako, C and Korboe, D (2011), Historical Development, Population Growth and Present Structure of Kumasi in Adarkwa K, K, (ed) The Future of the Tree - Towards Growth and Development of Kumasi, University Printing Press, KNUST, Kumasi, ISBN 978-9988-1-5451-6
    5. Afrane, S,K,  and Amoako C (2011), Peri-Urban Development in Kumasi in Adarkwa K, K, (ed) The Future of the Tree - Towards Growth and Development of Kumasi, University Printing Press, KNUST, Kumasi, ISBN 978-9988-1-5451-6

    Published Journal Papers

    1. Doe, B., Amoako, C., and Adamtey, R. (2021). Spatial expansion and patterns of land use/land cover changes around Accra, Ghana – Emerging insights from Awutu Senya East Municipal Area, Land Use Policy,
    2. Mintah, F., Amoako, C., and Adarkwa, K.K., (2021). The fate of urban wetlands in Kumasi: An analysis of customary governance and spatio-temporal changes, Land Use Policy,  
    3. Akuoko, P.B., Amoako, C., Owusu-Ansah, J.K. (2021). Compliance, resistance and innovations: reflections of informal traders’ responses to Kejetia redevelopment in central Kumasi, Ghana, African Geographical Review,
    4. Amoako, C., Adarkwa, K.K. and Koranteng, K.A. (2021). The politics of artisanal small-scale gold mining (ASM) in the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Area of Ghana, Journal of Contemporary African Studies,
    5. Poku-Boansi, M., Amoako, C., Owusu-Ansah, J.K., and Cobbinah, P.B. (2021). Climate variability and communities’ vulnerability along Ghana’s coastline, Ghana Social Science Journal, 17(1), 108-130
    6. Amoako, C., Doe, B., and Adamtey, R. (2021). Flood Responses and Attachment to Place Within Low-Income Neigbourhoods in Kumasi, Ghana, African Geographical Review,
    7. Amoako, C., Adamtey, R., and Doe, B. (2021). Fire risks management in emerging Ghanaian cities: land use planning responses for siting petrol and gas stations in the Tamale Metropolis, GeoJournal,
    8. Amoako, C., and Frimpong Boamah, E. (2020): Becoming Vulnerable to Flooding: An Urban Assemblage View of Flooding in an African City, Planning Theory & Practice, DOI: 10.1080/14649357.2020.1776377  
    9. Frimpong Boamah, E., Amoako, C., and Asenso, B.K. (2020). Spaces of market politics: Retailscapes and modernist planning imaginaries in African cities, Applied Geography, DOI: 1016/j.apgeog.2020.102265
    10. Poku-Boansi, M., Amoako, C., Owusu-Ansah, J.K., and Cobbinah, P.B. (2020). What the state does, but fails: Exploring smart options for urban flood risk management in informal Accra, Ghana, City and Environment Interactions, DOI: 1016/j.cacint.2020.100038
    11. Poku-Boansi, M., Amoako, C., Owusu-Ansah, J.K., and Cobbinah, P.B. (2020). The geography of urban poverty in Kumasi, Ghana, Habitat International, DOI:1016/j.habitatint.2020.102220
    12. Adom-Asamoah, G., Amoako, C., Adarkwa, K.K. (2020). ‘Gender disparities in rural accessibility and mobility in Ghana’, Case Studies on Transport Policy, 8:49-58
    13. Frimpong Boamah, E. and Amoako, C. (2020). ‘Planning by (Mis)rule of laws: The idiom and dilemma of planning within Ghana’s dual legal land systems’, Environment and Planning C (Politics and Space),38(1):97-115.
    14. Poku-Boansi, M., Amoako, C and Obeng Atuah, D. (2019). Urban Travel Patterns and Safety among School Children around Accra, Ghana, Journal of Transport and Health,
    15. Amoako, C, Cobbinah. P. B., and Mensah Darkwah, R. (2019) Complex twist of fate: The geopolitics of flood management regimes in Accra, Ghana, Cities, 89, 207 - 217
    16. Cobbinah P.B., Amoako. C., and Osei Asibey. M. (2019). The changing face of Kumasi central, Ghana, Geoforum 101, 49-61.
    17. Ashiagbor, G., Amoako. C., Asabere. S. B., Quaye-Ballard. J.A. (2019). Landscape Transformations in Rapidly Developing Peri-urban Areas of Accra, Ghana: Results of 30 Years, Open Geosci, 11, 172 – 182.
    18. P.B and Amoako. C. (2018). From Gold Coast to Ghana: Changing political economy of mining towns, Cities, 83, 83-91.
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    21. Badu-Yeboah, K., Amoako C., and Adarkwa, K.K. (2017) Stakeholders’ perceptions on key drivers for and barriers to household e-waste management in Accra, Ghana, African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, ISSN 1996 – 0786
    22. Amoako, C (2017)Emerging Grassroots Resilience and Flood Responses in Informal Settlements in Accra, Ghana’, GeoJournal, DOI 10.1007/s10708-017-9807-6
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    25. Amoako, C (2016) Brutal Presence or Convenient Absence: The Role of the State in the Politics of Flooding in Informal Accra, Geoforum 77 (1),  5 - 17
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    Selected Conferences/Seminars

    1. Amoako, C. (2019) Pedestrian Footbridges and the Production of Socio- economic Spaces in Urban Ghana: Reflection from Kumasi, Water Africa & West Africa Building and Construction 2019, Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel, 26-28 June 2019
    2. C. (2019) Spatial Economy of Kumasi and the Potential for Land Value Capture, Land-based Finance for Responsible Municipal Governance Symposium, 28th February, 2019, @ Golden Tulip Hotel, Kumasi, organised by Good Governance Africa
    3. C (2018) Incremental Housing Financing among the Urban Poor in Ghana – Implications for Urban and Housing Policy, Water Africa & West Africa Building and Construction 2018,13-15 June 2018, Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel
    4. C and Opoku. A.K. (2018) Politics of Informality and Flood Vulnerability in Accra, Ghana, 49th National Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NiTP), 28th October – 2nd November, 2018, Hotel 17, Kaduna, Nigeria.
    5. Amoako, C (2018). “The Politics of Forced Eviction and Flood Vulnerability around the Korle Lagoon in Accra”, Paper presented at the 5th Ghana Urban Forum, 18th January, 2018 Accra, Ghana
    6. Amoako, C and Opoku, A.K (2017). “State Managed, Customarily Owned: The Politics of Land and its Implications for Urban Planning in Ghana”, Paper presented at the 48th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners, 27th November – 1st December, 2017, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria
    7. Amoako, C, and Adom-Asamoah, G. (2017). “From Open Spaces to Adapted Spaces – The Politics of Managing Green Areas in Kumasi, Ghana”. Presented at the 6th International Conference on Infrastructure Development in Africa (ICIDA, 2017), 12th – 14th April, 2017, Kumasi, Ghana
    8. Amoako, C. (2017). “Becoming Resilient: Incremental Learning and Flood Responses in Informal Communities in Accra, Ghana”. Presented at the 6th International Conference on Infrastructure Development in Africa (ICIDA, 2017), 12th – 14th April, 2017, Kumasi, Ghana
    9. Amoako, C and Porter, L (2014). Flood Vulnerability and the Politics of Eviction around Korle Lagoon in Accra, Ghana. Presented at Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG) - The New Zealand Geographical Society Conference, 29th June – 2nd July, 2014, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
    10. Amoako, C. (2012) Emerging Issues in Urban Flooding in African Cities – The case of Accra Ghana, Postgraduate Workshop at the 35th Annual Conference of African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific, Held in Australian National University, Canberra under the theme “Africa: People, Places and Spaces”—November 26th – 28th , 2012
    11. Acey, C, Amoako, C, Greene Jamie (2012). Collaboration for Sustainable Change in Developing Countries. Paper presented at National Planning Conference April 14 -17, American Planning Association. Los Angeles, California.
    12. Acey, C, Amoako, C, Greene Jamie (2011). Promises and Challenges in International Service Learning Partnerships as Poverty Interventions: Reflections on the First Year of Ghana Sustainable Change Program. Presented at the IPSC Methodology Conference “Building Solutions to Poverty – Methods and Metrics for Identifying Success”, October 19-21, Columbus, Ohio



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