Dr. Edward Asamoah


Dept: Sociology and Social Work
Faculty of Social Science New Building
Room TF 18

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Research Areas/Interests

School Social Work, Inclusive Education, Social Work and Law, Community Development and Mixed methods...~more


    1. Abdullah, A., Cudjoe, E., Frederico, M., Jordan, L. P., Chiu, M. Y., Asamoah, E., & Emery, C. R. (2022). Filicide as a cultural practice in Ghana: The qualitative understanding of a family tragedy and its implications for child protection practice. Child Abuse & Neglect127, 105580.

    2. Gyasi, R. M., Abass, K., Frempong, F., Obodai, J., Asamoah, E., Obeng, B., & Awuviry-Newton, K. (2022). Food insecurity and geriatric functional limitations: Observational analysis from the AgeHeaPsyWel–HeaSeeB Survey. Experimental Gerontology, 111707.

    3. Gyasi, R. M., Asamoah, E., Gyasi-Boadu, N., Zornu, O., Asiki, G., & Phillips, D. R. (2022). Food insecurity and sleep quality among older adults: Findings from a population-based study in GhanaMaturitas157, 27-33.

    4. Asamoah, Tam & Alhassan (2021) Implementation of Inclusive Education Policy: Recommendations from Social Workers and Policy Makers in Ghana, International Journal of Disability, Development and Education (Taylor and Francis Group)

     5. Gyasi, Adu-Gyamfi, Obeng, Asamoah, Kisiangani, Ochieng & Appiah (2021) Associations between Physical Activity Participation and Perceived Social Isolation in Older Age: Do Sex Differences, Age and Social Participation Matter? Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics

    6.  Asamoah, Tam & Cudjoe (2021) A systematic review of the roles of social workers in inclusive education for children with disabilities,  International Social Work (SSCI)

     7Hau-Lin Tam & Edward Asamoah & Angus Yuk-Fung Chan-(2021) Developing Social Entrepreneurship as an Intervention to Enhance Disadvantaged Young People’s Sense of Self-Worth and Career Competence in Hong Kong (2021), The International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS) and Springer Nature B.V. 2021 (SSCI)

     8Asamoah, E., Ofori-Dua, K., Cudjoe, E., Abdullah, A. & Nyarko, J. A., (2018) Inclusive Education: Perception of Visually Impaired Students, Students Without Disability, and Teachers in Ghana, Sage Open (Scopus and SSCI)

     9. Adjorlolo, S., Asamoah, E.& Adu-Poku, S., (2017) Predicting delinquency by self-reported impulsivity in adolescents in Ghana, Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health (SSCI)

     10. Adonteng-Kissi, O., Asamoah E., & Adonteng-Kissi, B., (2016) Mining versus Farming; An analysis of the Farmer’s Livelihood System, The International Journal of Sustainability in Economic, Social, and Cultural Context Volume #, Issue #, Pp. on sustainability.com© Common Ground Publishing

     11Manful, E., Asamoah, E., & Bediako, A.B., (2015), Care in the Silver YearsAcademics Perception of Institutional Care for the Elderly in Ghana, Rome; MCSER, Publishing, Vol.6 No.6 s4 pp. 220-229





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