Dr. Kwasi Ohene-Yankyera

Part Time Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests


    1. Paul Boadu, Robert Aidoo, Kwasi Ohene-Yankyera, and Stephen Bekoe (2020); Analysis of seed yam varieties, sources and quantity demanded by farmers in yam producing districts in Ghana.  Netherlands Journal of Agriculture, January 2020: 54(2): 45-54. DOI;10.4314/gjas. v54i2.5
    2. Etuah Seth, Ohene-Yankyera, K., Zhen Lin, and James Osei Mensah. (2019). Determinants of cost inefficiency in poultry production: evidence from small-scale broiler farms in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Tropical Animal Health and Production, December, 06 2019.
    3. Paul Boadu; Robert Aidoo; Kwasi Ohene-Yankyera; Ulrich Kleih; Tahirou Abdoulaye; Norbert Maroya; John Orchard and Stephen Bekoe (2018). Farmers’ perception about quality of planted seed yam and their preferences for certified seed yam in Ghana.  International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics. Vol 6 (3); 71-83
    4. Addison, M., Ohene-Yankyera, K., and R. Aidoo (2018). Gender effect of the adoption of selected improved rice technologies in Ghana. Journal of Agricultural Science vol 10 (7): 390-402
    5. Asare, E., Segarra, E., Ohene-Yankyera, K., and Nakakeeto, G. (2018). The decision to control cocoa capsids with capsicides: The case of cocoa producers in the Sekyere Area, Ashanti Region, Ghana. African Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development vol 6(2): 604-612
    6. Antwi, Stephen and Ohene-Yankyera, K. (2017). Relationship lending and its effects on transaction cost of obtaining credit.  The case of maize farmers in Ghana. Journal of Finance and Economics vol 5 (2): 38-39
    7. Boakye-Achampong, S., Ohene-Yankyera, K., Aidoo, R., and Olav Jull Sorensen (2017).  Is there any economics in smallholder cocoyam production?  Evidence from the forest-agro-ecological zone of Ghana.  Agriculture and Food Security, vol 6 (44): 1-16
    8. Antwi, Stephen and Kwasi Ohene-Yankyera (2017): Collateral pledge: Does relationship lending matter?  The case of maize farmers in Ghana.  American Journal of Rural Development, vol 5 (2): 30-38
    9. Apaassongo L.I, Aidoo R., and Ohene-Yankyera K. (2016). Securing safe food, order in cities and protected urban livelihoods: Modeling of preference for regulations of informal street food trade in Kumasi, World Development Perspectives 3 (2016):1–6.

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