Prof. Mohammed Hadrat Yusif


Dept: Economics
Department of Economics, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi

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Research Areas/Interests

Monetary economics and policy, financial markets,  financing education, macroeconomic issues in sub-Sahara Africa,  academic performance of ...~more

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    Mustapha Immurana, Kwame Godsway Kisseih and Yusif, H. M (2022). Financial inclusion and the choice of healthy source of energy for cooking among households in Ghana. Journal of Biosocial Science. (Accepted, Forthcoming).

    Immurana M, Kisseih KG, Yusif, H.M, Yakubu ZM (2022) The effect of financial inclusion on open defecation and sharing of toilet facilities among households in Ghana. PLoS ONE 17(3), e0264187. pone.0264187

    Abekah?Nkrumah, G., Asuming, P. O., & Yusif, H. (2022). The impact of an additional year in high school on academic performance at the University: Evidence from a policy experiment in Ghana. Development Policy Review: DOI: 10.1111/DPR.12617

    Duodu, E., Baidoo, S.T, Yusif, H. and Boateng, P. B. (2022). Money supply, budget deficit and inflation dynamics in Ghana: An empirical investigation. Cogent Business & Management. 9(1), 1-23. DOI:10.1080/23311975.2022.2043810

    William Angko , Eric Arthur, Hadrat Mohammed Yussif , Fertility among women in Ghana: Do child mortality and education matter?, Scientific African (2022), doi:

    Immurana, M., Boachie, M. K., Dalaba, M. A., Oware, K.M., Toby, J. M. K.K., Ayanore, M. A., & Yusif, H. M. (2021). An empirical analysis of the effect of tobacco taxation on economic growth in 38 African countries. Journal of International Development, 1–13.

    Yusif, H., Ntreh, E. N. O., Sakyi, D. and Baidoo, S.T.(2021). Do government agricultural policies affect production and export of cocoa in Ghana?, African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, DOI: 1080/20421338.2021.1975356

    Nsiah, A. Y., Yusif, H., Tweneboah, G., Agyei, K., & Baidoo, S. T. (2021). The effect of financial inclusion on poverty reduction: Does threshold mater?  Cogent Social Sciences, 7(1), 1903138.

    Baidoo, S. T., Yusif, H., & Ofori-Abrebrese, G. (2020). Understanding the determination of loan demand in Ghana: Do individuals’ socio-demographic and economic characteristics matter?. Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)38(1, 2 &3), 95-109.

    Baidoo, S. T., Yusif, H., & Ayesu, E. K. (2020). Improving Loan Repayment in Ghana: Does Financial Literacy Matter? Cogent Economics and Finance, 8(1), 1787693.

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    Abango, M. A., Yusif, H., & Issifu, A. (2019). Monetary aggregates targeting, inflation targeting and inflation stabilization in Ghana. African Development Review31(4), 448-461.

    Abekah?Nkrumah, G., Asuming, P. O., & Yusif, H. (2019). Duration of High School Education and Youth Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Ghana. Journal of International Development31(7), 617-631.

    Yusif, H. (2018). The need for an independent perspective: Teaching economics in Ghana. In Advancing Pluralism in Teaching Economics (pp. 145-156). Routledge.

    Yusif, H., & Ofori-Abebrese, G. (2017). Admission path, family structure and outcomes in Ghana’s public universities: evidence from KNUST students enrolled in the social sciences. Higher Education74(6), 1069-1089.

    Amo, J., & Yusif, H. M. (2017). Lending rate and firms’ investment decisions: Evidence from Ghana. International Journal of Accounting and Economics Studies, 5(2), 141-145. doi: 10.14419/ijaes.v5i2.8118.

    Sarkodie, E. E., Yusif, H. M., & Boachie, W. K. (2017). Determinants of cocoa production in the Ashanti region. Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science5(1), 21-25.

    Mohammed, J., Osei-Fosu, A. K., & Yusif, H. (2017). Factors influencing households’ participation in forest management in the northern region of Ghana. Independent Journal of Management & Production8(4), 1324-1340.

    Mohammed, J., Osei-Fosu, A. K., & Yusif, H. (2017). Assessing the welfare value of fuel wood commercialization among rural households in the northern region of Ghana: application of Poisson model. Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences8(4), 198-203.

    Mohammed, J., Osei-Fosu, A. K., & Yusif, H. (2017). Households’ dependence on fuel wood as a preferred source of energy in the tamale metropolitan area of Ghana: An application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Eco. Env. & Cons. 23(4), 1917-1928.

    Effah S. E., Yusif, H. M., & Boachie, W. K. (2017). Determinants of cocoa Production in the Ashanti region, Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science, 5(1), 21-25.

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    Mohammed, A., Hadrat, Y., & Buabeng, E. (2016). Inflation targeting and economic growth in Ghana: an empirical investigation. Ghanaian Journal of Economics4(1), 158-177.

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    Sarkodie, E. E., & Yusif, H. M. (2015). Determinants of Life Insurance Demand, Consumer Perspective-A Case Study of Ayeduase-Kumasi Community, Ghana. Business and Economics Journal, 6(3), 1-4. 10.4172/2162-6359.1000274.

    Yusif, H. M., & Ali, B. (2013). Academic performance of less endowed high school students in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)33(2), 104-117.

    Yusif, H., Yussof, I., & Osman, Z. (2013). Public university entry in Ghana: Is it equitable?. International Review of Education59(1), 7-27.

    Yusif, H. M., Yussof, I., & Noor, A. H. S. M. (2011). Determinants of Students Academic Performance in Senior High Schools: A Binary Logit Approach. Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)31(3), 107-117.

    Yusif, H. M., Yussof, I., & Osman, Z. (2010). Investigating the Effects of Macroeconomic Variables on Demand for University Education in Ghana. European Journal of Social Sciences13(3), 426-435.

    Yusif, H. M., & Yussof, I. (2010). Effects of the Subsidized Students’ Loan on University Enrolment in Ghana. Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)30(2), 50-61.

    Yusif, H. M., & Yussof, I. (2010). A critical review of recent trends in basic and secondary schools enrolments in Ghana. Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana)30(1), 82-94.

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