Prof. Jakpasu Victor Kofi Afun

Associate Professor

Research Areas/Interests

Professional/Teaching Experience

  • At CSIR-Crops Research Institute


    A. Committees of the Crops Research Institute


    1. 1983-1985: Chairman, CRI Workers’ Defence Committee


    1. 1990-1992: Member, Logistics Sub-Committee of the National Maize and Legumes Workshop Planning Committee


    1. 1998- 2004: Member, CRI Publications/Editorial Committee


    1. 1999-2002: Member/Secretary, CRI Committee on Scientific / Laboratory Equipment inventory, distribution and maintenance.


    1. 1998-2002: Deputy Head, Entomology Sectional, CSIR-CRI.




    1. Committees and Projects of the CSIR


    1. 1998-Dec. 1999: Vice President, Northern Sector of the Research Staff Association (RSA of the CSIR).


    1. 1998-Dec. 1999: Member, National Executive Council of the RSA.


    1. 1999-Dec. 2001: President, Northern Sector of the RSA.


    1. 2002 to 2010: Leader, Southern Ghana Sector Legume and Rice Integrated Pest Management Projects.


    1. National Level


    1. 1992-1993: Member/Secretary, National Soybean Development Committee


    1. 1992-1993: Co-opted member, National Pest Control & Pesticide Regulatory Committee


    1. 1992 to 2010: Resource person for Pest Management Training Courses organised by the Ministry of Food & Agriculture for Subject Matter Specialists and Extension agents.


    1. 1997-2007: Member of Groundnut Integrated Pest Management Project that developed and disseminated best groundnut production practices to framers in southern Ghana.


    1. 1998-2003: National Steering Committee of the Information and Documentation Centre of the Ghana Organic Agriculture Network (GOAN).


    1. 1998 to Date: Consultant to the Ministry of Food & Agriculture on insect pest management and control issues.


    1. 1998: Resource Person. Train the Trainer (TOT) Rice IPM Course on Sampling and identification of rice insect pests and natural enemies. Organised by FAO/MOFA at Dahwenya Irrigation Project Site, Dahwenya near Accra, 21 September, 1998.



    18.2 Service to the KNUST Community


    1. 2002 to Sep 2010: Faculty of Agriculture Representative on Books and Publications Committee.


    1. 2002 to Sep 2010: Member, Editorial Committee of Journal of University of Science and Technology (JUST).


    1. 2003 to Oct. 2009: Departmental Examinations Officer, and also responsible for both undergraduate and postgraduate seminars.


    1. 2003 to Jul. 2009: Head, Crop Protection Section, Department of Crop & Soil Sciences.


    1. 2003 to Sep. 2010: Member, Public Lecture Committee of KNUST


    1. 2004 to Jul. 2009: Departmental Representative on Faculty of Agriculture Board.


    1. 2007–2010: Represented the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture on the Central Undergraduate Admissions Committee of KNUST.


    1. 2009 to Sep 2010: Head, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences.


    1. 2009 to Sep 2010: Member, Faculty Board, Faculty of Agriculture


    1. 2009 to July 2010: Vice Dean, Faculty of Agriculture.


    1. 2009 to Sep 2010: Member, College Board, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


    1. 2009 to Sep 2010: Member, Academic Board of KNUST.



    18.3 Service to the Nation


    1. February-June 2003: Peer reviewer of Document – “Risk Assessment of Selected Agricultural Commodities for Export from Ghana to the American market.” Document prepared by the Plant Protection & Regulatory Services Directorate (PPRSD) of MOFA.


    1. August 2005: Member of team of experts constituted by PPRSD of MOFA to study and comment on FAO Draft International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs).


    1. August 2007: Resource Person, Inland Valleys Rice Development Project; Training Course on Rice Seed Production.


    1. May 2008 to Sep 2010: Technical Training Provider for Farmer Based Organisations in the Sekyere East District.


    1. September 2009: Guest Speaker, 50th Anniversary Celebration of the General Agricultural Workers’ Union of the T.U.C. (Ghana), Ashanti Chapter.


    1. March 2010 to date: Member, National Fruit Fly Management Committee.


    1. April 2010: Resource Person at the 2010 Annual Review of Research Programmes of the CSIR-SARI, Nyankpala.


    1. 2010 to Sep. 2014: Rector, Ho Polytechnic, Ho, Volta Region.


    1. July 2012 to June 2013: Chairman, Conference of Rectors of Polytechnics (CORP) in Ghana


    1. 2012 to August 2013: Member, Technical Committee of the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE)


    1. 2012 to Sep. 2014: Member, Governing Board of National Board for Technician and Professional Examinations (NABPTEX).


    1. 2014 to Date: External Assessor of Senior Member Promotion Documents and External Examiner of Postgraduate Student Theses University of Ghana, Legon


    1. October 2019 – September 2020: Facilitator for KNUST-ENI “OKUAFO PA Agribusiness Youth Training Project.”



    18.4  Service to the International Community


    18.4.1  Referee and Reviewer of Papers for Scientific Journals:


    1. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science.


    1. Journal of the Building and Roads Research Institute.


    1. Journal of the University Science and Technology.


    1. Agriculture and Food Science Journal of Ghana.


    1. Journal of the Ghana Science Association.


    1. Journal of Applied Science & Technology.


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