Dr. Alexander Wireko Kena


Dept: Crop and Soil Sciences
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture Building Complex
Room FF 22

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Research Areas/Interests

Genome editing in rice; Extra-early pro-vitamin A hybrid maize development; Breeding for drought tolerance in maize; Breeding against insect pests in ...~more

My full CV


I am passionate about and committed to agricultural research that seeks to enhance the performance of crop plants for higher productivity using contemporary technologies in the plant sciences. I bring to the table an incisive mind with diverse experience, and insightful knowledge of crop breeding and genetics, molecular biology, and data analysis. Since 2012, I have been actively involved in teaching, crop breeding, genome editing, and germplasm enhancement research at the KNUST and the United States. My focused crops are maize, rice, and cowpea. My ultimate career goal is to become an astute Plant Breeder and Professor by making an impactful contribution to meeting global food demand and fighting hunger through scientific research and teaching.

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