Dr. Albert Amoah Saah

Part Time Lecturer

Dept: Sociology and Social Work
#1, SF E10, Top floor CCB,
T. Owusu Ansah Complex
Faculty Area
KNUST, Kumasi

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Research Areas/Interests

Research interests and focus for 2019-2020 include Gender, Social Work Education, Social Worker professional development, and International Social Wor...~more

Positions Held & Hold

Head of the Department, Center for E-Learning Technologies, Institute of Distance Learning, KNUST, Kumasi (2013-2015)

Local/the University (KNUST)

  1. Acting Vice Dean, IDL/Acting Head, CDCE. (23-30 July, 2012) (Official letter Ref: CDCE/HO/C.1; Letter dated: July 20, 2012)
  2. Acting Head of the Department, KVCIT, (For more than 3 months) Acting Head of the Department, CELT, (less than 3 months) (Letter Ref: IDL.37/HOD/Vol.1; Letter dated: 11th July, 2013)  
  3. Head of the Department, CELT, (For more than 3 months): (Letter Ref: PS 18060; Letter dated: 9th August, 2013), (Letter Ref: IDL.37/HOD/Vol.1; Letter dated: 28th August, 2013)
  4. Chairman, Committee constituted by Acting Director, IDL to investigate three (3) National Service Personnel at IDL, (Letter Ref: IDL.86/SF/C’TTEES/Vol.1; Letter dated: 4th June, 2015)
  5. Resources Person.  Workshop for Newly Appointed Lecturers in the University. Registrar’s offices and the Human resource division, KNUST. September 10, 2014, http://www.knust.edu.gh/news/news-items/knust-holds-two-day-workshop-for-new-lecturers (Letter Ref: ; Letter dated: )
  6. Team Member, Building Stronger Universities BSUII-/PBL  Project (Letter Ref: IPO/BSU/VOL.1; Letter dated: August 5, 2014), (Letter Ref: IPO/BSU/VOL.1; Letter dated: August 19, 2014)
  7. Resource Person /Speaker ,  5th KNUST Summer School, KNUST) (Letter Ref: VC/QAPU/41/Vol.1; Letter dated: 4th June, 2015)
  8. Resource Person/Exhibitor, Tanzania Commission for Universities, 10th Exhibitions on Higher Education, Science and Technology, Mwalimu J. K. Myerere Fair Grounds, Kilwa Road, Dare es Salaam, Tanzania. 22-25 July 2015 (Letter Ref: TCU/C.30/2/Vol.X/49; Letter dated: 30th June 2015)
  9. Member, Advisory Board of Centre for Open and Distance Education, Central University College, Main Campus Moitso, Accra, CCUC (non-statutory Committee) (Letter Ref: CUC/P/5/15/46; Letter dated: 5th November, 2012)
  10. Resource Person/Plenary Speaker,   PBL-EL Regional Workshop) (Letter Ref: ; Letter dated: )
  11. Acting Vice Dean/Head, Temporal Arrangement, CDCE. 23-30 July, 2012 (Letter Ref: CDCE/HO/C.1; Letter dated: July 20, 2012)
  12. Member (Present/Head, CELT), Stakeholder workshop for KNUST/IDL held at Anomabo Central Region, 22nd – 24th February, 2013. (Letter Ref: ; Letter dated: )
  13. Cognate Member, FDL, Faculty Board, Allied Health Sciences (Letter Ref: FDL.12/Vol.1; Letter dated: September 20, 2006)
  14. Member, Journal Establishment Committee, IDL-KUNST (Letter Ref: IDL.66/SF1/C’TTEES/Vol.1; Letter dated: 14th June, 2011)
  15. Member, Strategic Planning Committee, IDL-KNUST  (Letter Ref: IDL.66/SF1/C’TTEES/Vol.1; Letter dated: 20th June, 2011)
  16. Member, Committee to plan for the Open Day and National Arts and Science Academy Exhibition, College Board, College of Science,  (Letter Ref: C.Sc/M/2; Letter dated: 18th June 2007)
  17. Member, Faculty of Distance Learning, KNUST (2005-2007) (Letter Ref: FDL3/Vol.1; Letter dated: 11th October, 2007)        
  18. Member, Screening Committee (Technical Committee) to screen Mr. Francis Kudwo for Appointment at IDL, 21-30th May 2012. (Letter Ref: IDL.66/SF1/C’TTEES/Vol.1; Letter dated: 14th June, 2011)
  19. Secretary, Organizing Committee, Institute of Distance Learning, KNUST, The First KNUST E-Learning Technical Stakeholders Collaborative Meeting, 10-12 April 2012, CollinMay Hotel, Ejura (Letter Ref: IDL.47/FACIL/Vol.1; Letter dated: 6th April, 2012)
  20. Resource person/presenter, The First KNUST E-Learning Technical Stakeholders Collaborative Meeting, 10-12 April 2012, CollinMay Hotel, Ejura (Letter Ref: IDL.58/CONF/Vol. ; Letter dated: 5th April, 2012)
  21. Member, Sub-Committee, Review Of Commonwealth Executive Master Programmes, Institute of Distance Learning, KNUST, Kumasi  July 11, 2012 (Letter Ref: CDCE/GO/Ed/1; Letter dated: July 11, 2012) 
  22. Resource person/Vacation Training Officer, CODE, Central University College, Accra. 18th-20th November 2011 (Letter Ref: CUC/CODE/REL/001; Letter dated: 21 Nov 2011)
  23. Participant, 1st KNUST Summer School for Staff. Theme: Equipping Staff for Leading Change in Academia. August 8-12, 2011. (Letter Ref: VC/QAPU/41/Vol.1; Letter dated: 28 July 2011)
  24. Participant, 2nd KNUST Summer School for Staff, Theme: “Raising the Standards for 21st Century University Education”. August 20-23, 2012. (Letter Ref: VC/QAPU/41/Vol.2; Letter dated: 13 Aug 2012)
  25. Resource Person/Seminar Speaker, Seminar on Thesis Writing: (1) Essentials and structure of thesis and report writing (2) Microsoft Word facilities for journal article and book references in thesis writing, Department of Mathematics, KNUST 2/12/2010  (Letter Ref: Math/11/Vol.4; Letter Dated: 2/2/2010)
  26. Resource Person/Seminar Speaker, Microsoft word Template for Thesis writing and PowerPoint presentation. Department of Mathematics, KNUST.1.03/2011 (Letter Ref. KNUST/Math/05/Vol.3 ; Letter Dated: 1/03/2011)
  27. Resource Person/Facilitator, MSc. Industrial Mathematics Seminar – 2009/2011 Students,  5th and 6th February 2011 (Letter Ref: -- ; Letter dated: 26th January, 2011)
  28. IDL Programmes/course Coordinator, Department Of Building Technology:  BSc BT, BSc QSCE and BSc CTM (2007 – date) (Letter Ref: IDL.45/Vol.1; Letter dated: 18th October 2007), and (Letter Ref: IDL.47/FACIL/Vol.1; Letter dated: 6th April 2012)
  29. IDL Supervisor, Cape Coast Centre (2009- date) (Letter Ref: IDL.47/FACIL/Vol.1; Letter dated: 10 August 2009)
  30. ODL-ER Editor, Open and Distance Learning-Educational Resources (ODL-ER) Edit course materials, Production of course materials, Material Production Unit, Centre for Distance and Continuing Education. (Letter Ref: FDL.30/CDCE/Vol.1 ; Letter dated: August 4, 2006)
  31. Representative, FDL, Training of Trainers, Workshop on Competency Based Teaching and Learning Workshop, 17-18th August 2006 (Letter Ref: VC/QAPU/Vol.1; Letter dated: 13th June, 2006) AR [FDL] 21/06/06
  32. Thesis Supervisor, Commonwealth Executive Masters Programme, 2011 to date (Letter Ref: IDL/CEMBA/PA/THESIS/Vol.3; Letter dated: 7th January, 2011)
  33. Member, IDL Thesis Committee, Appointment to serve as Member, (Letter Ref: IDL.66/SF.1/CTTEES/vol.1 Letter dated: 11th May, 2011)
  34. Service-Teaching, Department of Sociology and Social Work. 22/2/2012 - date (Letter Ref: --; Letter dated: 22/2/2012)
  35. Examiner (first Internal), Commonwealth Executive Masters Programme, IDL/School of Graduate Studies (2011 - date) (Letter Ref: CDCE/GO/Ed/1; Letter dated: 8th May, 2011)
  36. Examiner (Second Internal), Commonwealth Executive Masters Programme, IDL/School of Graduate Studies (2011 - date) (Letter Ref: CDCE/GO/Ed/1; Letter dated: 8th May, 2011)
  37. Chief Invigilator, Institute of Distance Learning Examinations (2010 - date) (Letter Ref: IDL.63/EXAMS/Vol.1; Letter dated: 10th November, 2010)
  38. Trainer, IDL Course Writers’ Workshops,  KNUST 2007 - date  (Letter Ref: IDL.58/SCW/Vol.1; Letter dated: 11th May, 2012)


  1. Member, Panel of Assessors: An assessment exercise to review the new Bachelor of education programme with specialism in early grade, Upper Primary and JHS from July 3, 2018 to July 13, 2018 at the National Accreditation Board Conference Room at 9:00am each day. (Official letter: Accreditation of new B.Ed Programmes to be offered at Colleges of Education. dated June 27, 2018: signed by Kwame Dattey, Executive Secretary, National Accreditation Board, Ministry of Education, Ghana)
  2. Vice-Chancellor’s Nominee to serve on Panel of Assessors: Nomination of Staff for Assessment of revised Curriculum of Colleges of Education. (letter to NAB, Our Ref. VC/NAB/99 dated 23rd June, 2018 Signed by Professor Kwasi Obiri-Danso, Vice Chancellor, KNUST, Kumasi,)
  3. ICT Curriculum Expert, E-Transform Project: Capacity Building for School Teachers and Educational Leaders. 12th July, 2017 (Letter dated June 16, 2017; Our Ref: KA. 13/151/17 by Director of Operations for AITI-KACE, Accra) 
  4. Chairperson/Bishop, Ghana: AEGA Ministries International, USA/Ghana The Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies (AEGA Ministries International, Inc) An Int'l Ministerial Fellowship and Convention of Churches (Certificate/Letter dated: 1st July 2012)
  5. Expert: CENDLOS-COL Workshop on the Formulation and Drafting of a National ODL Policy for Ghana. 23-24 November, 2011 (Letter Ref: Online Email: ikdontwi@hotmail.com; Letter dated: November 23, 2011)
  6. Chair: African Institute of Researching and Development, Ghana (2010 – date) (Registrar Of Companies—Letter Ref: G-36,878; Letter dated: 8th June, 2011)


  1. Assistant Examiner, Social Studies 2, West African Examinations Council, Accra (2007-2009) (Letter Ref: Examiner’s No. 1214205151; Letter dated: 23 0ctober 2008)
  2. Reviewer, Editorial Team Member, the Journal of Media and Communication Studies, JMCS.  Invitation to Review JMCS-09-063 (2009 - date) (Letter Ref: jmcs.journal@gmail.com; Letter dated: December 29, 2009)
  3. Reviewer, Editorial Team Member, the Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research, JPAPR. Invitation to Review JPAPR-11-050 (2011 - date) (Letter Ref: jpapr.academicjournals@gmail.com; Letter dated: September 7, 2011)
  4. Reviewer, of  Abstracts, Sixth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, Kochi, India (2010) (Letter Ref: Email: shweta@pcf6.net; Letter dated: 26th March, 2010)
  5. Fellow, British Institute for Learning and Development, UK, (2008 – date) (Letter Ref: PS18060; Letter dated: July 22, 2014)
  6. Resource person, Technical Resource People, Author Biographies, Biographical Directory, Commonwealth of Learning Gender Micro-site. (Letter Ref: URL https://www.col.org/sites/default/files/Gender_Biographical-Directory.pdf; Letter dated: 8 June 2012)

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