Dr. Lawrence Kwabena Brobbey


Dr Lawrence Kwabena Brobbey is a lecturer at the Department of Silviculture and Forest Management of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana. Dr Brobbey has a diverse academic background: BSc Natural Resources Management (KNUST); MPhil Silviculture and Forest Management (KNUST); MBA Banking and Finance (KNUST); and PhD Silviculture and Forest Management (KNUST) and Forest Governance (University of Copenhagen, Denmark). He combines academic work with practice and has worked with government agencies and international non-governmental organisations. His research spans from natural resources tenure and access; environmental justice and commodity chain analysis. He also has a speciality in rural livelihoods; communities’ adaptation to climate change; and public policy. He has published some leading-edge articles in top environmental and forest journals and has also reviewed several manuscripts. Dr Brobbey is also a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow under a DANIDA funded project, “Access and Authority Nexus in the Farmer-Herder Conflicts in Ghana”. The project investigates the dynamic processes of formation and erosion of access, identities and authority in spatial and historical perspectives.

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