Dr. Emmanuel Amoah Boakye


Dept: Silviculture and Forest Management
Department of Silviculture and Forest Management,
Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources,
First Floor.

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Research Areas/Interests

Boreal, temperate and tropical forest ecology and dynamics Remote Sensing of forested wetlands and agroecosystems Dendroecology and stable isotope tec...~more


Dr. Emmanuel Amoah Boakye is a Lecturer in the Department of Silviculture and Forest Management at KNUST. Dr. Boakye has a background in climate change and biodiversity management. Emmanuel’s research involves understanding the response of tropical and boreal forests to climate change, biotic and abiotic disturbances using non-linear mixed models. The specific researches of Emmanuel cut across interdisciplinary lines including boreal, temperate, and tropical forest ecology and dynamics, remote sensing of forested wetlands and agroecosystems, dendroecology and stable isotope technology for climate change impact assessments, agrobiodiversity management and ecosystem functions of agricultural wetlands, and policy frameworks for the management of agroecosystems. Before joining academia, Dr. Boakye worked in the non-governmental sector, assisting communities and forest users in developing systems to reduce deforestation and forest degradation.

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