Dr. Newton Kwaku Amaglo


Research Areas/Interests

Advance Horticulture, Horticultural Product Storage and Processing Research Progress & Science of horticulture Products....~more


I am a Lecturer at the Horticulture Department of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana and the Co-Chair of the Moringa Working Group of the International Society for Horticultural Science. https://www.ishs.org/ishs-group/V14/about In 2019 I provided hands-on-the-job training in High Density Moringa Leaf Cultivation and Processing to International Standard in farming communities in Kitwe in the copper belt and Mukuni Village-Livingston all in Zambia. I was a key speaker at the Second International Symposium on Moringa which was held from 10-13 November 2019 in Pretoria, South Africa where I addressed the audience on various topics including the Agro-processing, Industrial Utilization and Commercialization of Moringa under the theme: “The Power of Moringa in Solving Global Problems”. During the International Webinar on “Moringa - A Super Food-Boon To Mankind” organized by Tamil Nadu 5-7 October 2020, I presented on the topic “Moringa Seed Oil Extraction and Applications”.

My area of research is in the functional component chemistry of horticultural crops and my PhD research title is “studies into the extraction technology (supercritical carbon dioxide extraction) and health functions of high quality moringa seed oil”. My masters research thesis was on the High-Density cultivation and leaf quality of Moringa Leaves and was a member of the Technical Committee (TC) which drafted first ever Moringa Standards by the Ghana Standards Authority. I have twenty (20) years of experience in commercial scale High Density Moringa Leaf Cultivation, Processing and Marketing.

Over the years not much research has been done on the ways of improving the moringa leaf with agronomic manipulations and that forms the bases of my present research. I seek to collaborate with you to investigate various ways of achieving high quality moringa leaf that could be better than present levels of nutrition using available technologies. I worked as a Research Consultant to The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in February, 2017 where I developed and submitted a report titled - The State of Knowledge, Constraints and Opportunities Related Moringa Production, Utilization and Commercialization in Africa.

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